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  1. I reinstalled windows from the install disk
  2. Black screen when booting up win 10https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-1k7F3srix_O-LMlfnQtZeS5Myf4LcgL/view?usp=drivesdk EDIT: I fixed it by reinstalling windows from my windows 10 install disk
  3. TTQGaming

    Any way to get any free pc components?

    Never tried soldering pc components or even PCB's but i have soldered in school's ummm...( that class with like wood work and technology and stuff.. I'll just say wood work, ok?) i have soldered some tiny details to make like a motor boat with like a propeller. If anyone would help me solder the pc I could actually do it. I haven't tried to solder PCB's or pc components, but I have soldered tiny details in school. If anyone would help me, I would be able to do it.
  4. TTQGaming

    Any way to get any free pc components?

    I go to a public school I don't know exactly if a quadro, but it was somethig old, and some computers have i3-s and some have i5-s
  5. TTQGaming

    Any way to get any free pc components?

    I know, but i have seen all their specs and they are like i5- 4th gen 4gb of ram and I think a quadro gpu or something
  6. TTQGaming

    Any way to get any free pc components?

    I will let you all know when my school starts throwing them out, and i'll see if I can get my hand on one or a few.
  7. TTQGaming

    Any way to get any free pc components?

    My school's computers will not be thrown out in a long time (PROBABLY), because they have like an i5 and some good components in it, but if they start doing that, I will ask the IT guy in my school. This is the kind of people we need here.
  8. TTQGaming

    Any way to get any free pc components?

    Don't talk about armed robbery here. I know that nothing is completely free. But, I don't think that any pc stores or anything that sells tech is near me, the closest town is like 20km away, so.. yeaah. And that isn't even that big I am sorry, this is my very first time asking for things, and i didn't have that much time. I included the location now. Thank you for telling me. You're a good person
  9. Yup.. That's right, i need pc components/full built pc for free, unfortunately. i don't have a job, and my parents can't afford even a 200$ pc. So if anyone would be kind enough to give me their old computers or components that have just gotten old overtime, I would appreciate that a lot! I am located in Estonia (The baltic region)(Europe)
  10. interesting... you could take it to a third party pc repair shop for inspection, or take it for inspection if you still have the warranty
  11. did you just check it or just guessing?
  12. if you could boot your windows test your boot drive like this Start - Computer - Right-Click ssd - Properties - Tools - Error Checking
  13. then i think you could get a 1070-1080 and very unlikely, but maybe a 1080ti, but it depends on your location
  14. has your computer beeped? Black screen, and beeping