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  1. there is such things, just google it
  2. They are not going to scroll through aroouuund 3000+ videos to look at yours and say why they made the decision. They have made their decision and that's it, try again next year.
  3. press the checkmark button on your "SOLVED RESET CMOS" comment, it will then mark it as sovled
  4. is there any more information about memory?
  5. Love it, but custom wallpapers make my pc crash tbh, my pc is so terrible sometimes it doesnt even boot
  6. Let's not be salty and send good vibes to the top 29, just everyone, you do not have to post your videos here, just enjoy all the funny videos which got to the top 29.
  7. I'm just gonna stick to my 2 year old Ulefone S7 with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage, well, that's all I have, I guess. ??
  8. 90% of who entered has a terrible PC. Don't get your hopes up.
  9. Can they get the PC to boot in windows 10 any way, such as integrated graphics, not upgrading the graphics driver, etc?
  10. Hey, just asking, but have the 128 people been notified that they are in the top 128?
  11. I have a few year old Interest calculator, it sometimes works, around 80 lines, source and exe file and project right here: https://github.com/WhiteHatcker/Interest-calc
  12. You do know you can't enter anymore, it ended like a week ago or something, they're looking at all of the submissions now