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  1. Hi, I am looking to buy a monitor case (something like Gator Cases Small Padded LCD Transport Bag) along with a monitor (21" to 24") which would fit in the case. Based on what I am seeing, for the most part, the bag is made to fit the monitor without the stand, although it might fit if I can find a monitor with a compact (minimalist) stand. I might be able to get away with this setup IF the stand can be packed flat or if I can get a third party stand which packs flat that would mount on a VESA. Does anyone know of any monitor that comes with a flat or minimalist stand (I am willing to sacrifice the height adjustment option)? Ideally I would not want to spend more than $200 for the monitor alone. Thank you in advance.
  2. 2 things to avoid last 2 days of troubleshooting so far: 1. make sure the ram is compatible with Ryzen / mobo (memory supported list is your friend, just not your wallet). 2. Make a fresh Windows 10 USB boot even if the version you get comes with a DVD or other media, you want the latest windows 10 drivers for initial install of a 3900x.
  3. I ran into an issue with the RAM with my new build. I'd check to make sure either other people had no issue with 32GB Crucial Ballistix Sport LT Gray (2x16GB 3200MHz CL16) or make sure the Part No. is on the QVL list of the manufacturer mobo otherwise you might be walking into a headache. Also, create a new windows 10 installer on USB before the build, don't use an old version, it was one of my main cause for blue screen of death. I would agree with brob, DDR4-3600 makes a small difference, so for the price difference it might be worth it in my opinion, but it depends if your x470 will run at 3600 easily or not. Here is my build: Gigabyte x570 Master Ryzen 9 3900x 2x16GB 3200mHz Cl14 G.Skillz Ripjaw V RAM (F4-3200C14D-32GVK) 2x16GB 3600mHz Cl17 Hyperx Predator Black M.2 Corsaire MP510 Noctual NH-D15 SE-AMD Reused : PSU 750w EVGA P2 ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 STRIX-GTX1080-8G-GAMING 8GB Intended use is for photo editing with games as secondary (tired of waiting for encoding time for RAW files). I changed the case since I wanted more space to work with, but it was not critical. I actually used less cables for power with this build then the prior which surprised me. For the heatsink, you should be good since it's got 6 heatpipe, but keep in mind that the 3900x has 3 hot spot on the speader, 2x 6 core and 1 IO which if it truly is the same as the x570 chipset, than the IO likes to cook a bit above 50c easily. Unless you plan to TRY to OC the setup, then I do not see an issue with the cooler. And I do mean try, since I do not think there is much head room on the 3900x. P.S. Without trying to OC, my 3900x runs all cores at either 4.275 or 4.300mHz. Which to me if plenty for now, been using the i5-3570k for +6 years.
  4. If you click on the links, it brings you to pc parts picker USA. So it's USD. The site does allow you to select CND currency at top, but the links provided won't work. You'd have to reselect them in the website build option. Only concern on the list is the power supply, might be questionable quality (but since your on a budget you get what you pay for). Radeaon RX 5700 XT are good value, but need some tweeking for driver which should occur in the next couple of months (you should always expect this for new release GPU). The blower on it is bad, if you can wait 1 month for the third-party coolers and get one of those, then you would be golden. RAM appear to work with Ryzen.... but I cannot comment if you won't have issues. I ran into that myself lately. Really, for your budget, it's a good recommendation. It is missing a windows 10 license however, unless you plan to run Linux.
  5. 3700x only needs 65W unless you are overclocking (to around 3800x speeds). So power wise, it's the same. At this point, I would try the 3700x without overclock on your setup before worrying about OC with different board. Just update your BIOS first. You might be surprised with the results. You can plan to change the mobo later if you are not satisfied. B550 are not expected until sometime in December or early next year unless they get delayed. If your budget allows for a x570 and you do not need PCI-e 4.0 for M.2 or storage (no GPU really need PCI-e 4.0 right now), then get a good x470 that meets your need for your budget. I went with an x570 only because I plan to get a PIE 4.0 eventually and I do not change CPU/MOBO very often... every 7 or 8 years, so I usually max out when I build and get the latest. The heat sink around the chipset get hot around 50c which sits right next to most GPU that stick out from the first PCIe slot... knowing that, I'd got with 400 mobo just on heat alone. In my case the fan is partially blocked by the GPU.... I did touch the GPU, it does not appear to be absorbing the heat, so I should be fine. Check this video:
  6. Solved. Make sure not to install the drivers for the RAID... it causes Windows 10 to stop working for some reason. Create a new windows 10 installer before starting, make a HUGE difference, no longer crash... CPU running without doing any overclocking on my part at 4.275 on all cores, boost to 4.300 when needed, cannot complain. My photos which used to take about 50 seconds to compile after editing is taking 15 seconds. Going from 4 cores to 12 cores, shaved more than 3 times the time to encode. It even beats my laptop which took 26 seconds to encode. Quite happy.
  7. Received the RAM from Amazon... thank you Amazon for Saturday delivery! The bios is holding the XMP setting so the RAM was not acceptable for this motherboard even if it was B-die. Updated the bios from F5e to F5g while I was at it, had to re-activate the XMP, it holds and detects it. 1 Problem solved. Windows is still crashing, at this point I should not be surprised since it was installed with bad(?) RAM, this could also indicate a bad or an issue with the M.2(?). Currently creating a new Windows 10 installer (prior was dated from Oct 2017) so I am giving myself more chances. If this fails, I'll try installing on a SSD which I have on hand. Not ideal, but should tell me if I have an issue with the M.2. Funny enough, it keeps crashing when I am downloading the NVIDA drivers....
  8. I had the initial F3 bios which I have no knowledge of the AGESA version. The F5e has ??? not sure, they now have F5g (updated today) which is AGESA Gah, I should have kept the RAM for the weekend to see if the NEW bios would fix the issue. And yes, the RAM was Samsung B-die, hence why I think I got bad RAM, but it could also be a bad mobo.
  9. Setup: Gigabyte x570 Master Ryzen 9 3900x 2x16GB 3200mHz Cl14 G.Skillz Ripjaw V RAM (F4-3200C14D-32GVK) M.2 Corsaire MP510 PSU 750w EVGA P2 Noctual NH-D15 SE-AMD Motherboard Bios: Original Bios is version F3 (you cannot even find it on Gigabyte website). Issue occurred so I updated the bios to F5e. Issue still occurred. Issue: The Motherboard will not accept the XMP setting, it will reset the bios and run the RAM at 2133mHz. Even when it runs it at 2133mHz, the computer cycles a couple of time before loading into Windows 10, then crashes in Windows 10 about 5 minutes in. I am currently assuming it's the RAM (returning it in the mail today), but the post code error before the mobo cycles is code 27, so I am also assuming if could be the mobo. The odd thing is, it will boot into Windows eventually after cycling 1 to 3 times. I tried using only one stick and rotated between each stick in different slots. Issue occurred every time. So my next step is to try different RAM and if that does not work, return the mobo? So I ordered some HyperX Predator Black 32GB (HX436C17PB3K2/32) which is on Gigabyte approved RAM for this board (returned RAM was not on the list), so I will find out in 3 to 7 days if this is the issue... add $100 to the build, joy. Has anyone else run into this issue? Is it the RAM or the mobo? Did I just get unlucky and receive bad RAM or is its just not compatible with AMD Ryzen? Am I looking in the wrong place? I though that the x570 boards had more compatibility with RAM this time around... Thank you in advance.
  10. Cannot answer your question, however be careful with which RAM you use. I got an issue with 3200nmhz cl14 b-die ram with my x570 master. Not sure if it's the Kobo or Ram. I am sending the ram back and ordered Kobo approved to determine. Good luck