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    Its a bacon & egg butty.

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    The not so UK


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    Intel 4670K O.C
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    MSI Z87-G43
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    Kingston Hyperx Genesis 1600Mhz 8gb
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    EVGA GTX 980 SC ACX 2.0
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    1x caviar green 3TB 1 x segate 1TB 1 x crucial M500 126gb ssd, 1x crucial bx100 256gb
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    EVGA G2 860
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    AOC 27 incher, forgot percise code and some rubbish bush
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    Custom Water Loop (CPU,GPU)
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    Cooler Master Quick fire Rapid-i
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    Razer Mamba
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    MSI onboard drivers
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  1. Yeah, about 5 to 6 hours when just using word, etc, but that is the full blade, which is designed to fulfil a different role to the Stealth. I've heard they can get around 8 hours, but as i haven't got one to test myself, don't take my word as gospel.
  2. I have the The Razer Blade 2018 edition and it has been by a very long way my best laptop. For very long term and as a primary driver, I would recommend looking to get the maximum amount of storage space though. Blades don't come with a whole lot, so you will want to invest in a good external HDD.
  3. Guess I'll be moving on from Chrome soon then. Pity, I quite enjoyed the browser.
  4. So, this is a long shot, because it was so long ago I did this. Is there a way to map your DS4 buttons to a Xbox controller buttons within your DS4 emulation program? My program allowed this, but I believe it was because I was on this so early into the DS4 release.
  5. KE2012

    Having problems with cooling my Gaming laptop

    Alright, so has it only just started to run very hot?
  6. KE2012

    Having problems with cooling my Gaming laptop

    Hmm, all fans on max and still very high temps despite settings games to low settings. How old is the laptop?
  7. KE2012

    Having problems with cooling my Gaming laptop

    Do you have a fan portfolio on the laptop?
  8. Nvm, re-read your original post. Does it work on cable?
  9. KE2012

    Having problems with cooling my Gaming laptop

    Then this changes things. Turn it over, can you see much crap in its cooling fins? If so may need a clean out. Can you also set a fan portfolio? You may need to increase the fan speed. Did you also buy this laptop new or have you played around with overclocking?
  10. KE2012

    Having problems with cooling my Gaming laptop

    Easiest way to cool a laptop is to make sure it has a good supply of air. Don't run it on your bed (Some may laugh but ive seen this), and make sure you raise your laptop so that air can get under it (Trapped air under a laptop causes a lot of heat build up). If need be, lower your settings too, some laptops are poorly designed and really do not run well at 'cold' settings once they have been running a while and over heat after a while of playing. Best thing for a gaming laptop though, is a cooling stand that can be bought for as little as £10 on ebay.
  11. KE2012

    What do you think of Teslas?

    I think Tesla's are the future. The number of times I've entered London, (or other big cities) and have been horrified by the amount of pollution in the air is scary. But I think nations have a lot of work to get the infrastructure installed first before I pick one up. I say this, but I am looking for a new car and a Tesla has been looked at a few times.
  12. KE2012

    Your Face on the Internet

    Wouldn't surprise me with how things are going these days, but I really don't care** if they do find me as I don't put pictures of myself in compromising positions or go off on political rants. ** As in I don't like the idea, but it's not going to stop me from doing as I please online
  13. Small correction UK People: The EU's laws are too restrictive. Take Article 13 for example. The only solution is leaving UK's disconnected parliament: The internet is dangerous. Let's Censor it and remove / restrict people's freedoms online.
  14. KE2012

    Disappointment with LMG

    I too got sick of the click bait and in general poorer quality videos as LMG now focus on quantity over quality imo, which has resulted in me unsubbing from all their channels. I'm not disinterested in tech though, I still watch other YouTubers like Jay, just sick of the LMG methods. I should have got the hint things had a cloudy overlook when original staff members left a few years ago. Thankfully, people on this forum are still good chaps which is why I'm still here.