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  1. So, I bought a Acer NItro 5 2018 Edition(with an Intel 8th gen core i5 8300H and a GeForce GTX 1050Ti) over a year ago as i was not able to get my hands on a nitro 5 2019, and it works perfectly fine. It does have the advertised 4 hours of battery life when i change to battery saver mode , underclock my cpu, and disable my GPU. My problem is that when i use my webcam(inbuilt) and microphone(inbuilt), the battery life drops below an hour, like 45 mins max. During this time(COVID-19), I have a lot of meetings to attend to, and I travel to my office as well, so, i would really love it if i dont have to keep my charger plugged in.Can someone please help me???
  2. I would definately recommend the 1440p 165hertz, and also the manufacturer that you are buying from, check their reputation in monitors, recommended samsung, lg or asus.....
  3. I am pretty sure that everyone on this forum is watching this live stream .......
  4. But, won't that affect only cpu performance? And watch a video online for the reseating or watch a Linus tech tips build guide
  5. And the 2060 is propably enough, don't you think?
  6. Actually , I think that the parts that he chose(except the motherboard) are pretty good. You @johnatuccican change your ssd choice to something a little bit faster: https://www.amazon.com/Corsair-Force-MP600-Gen4-PCIe/dp/B07SQZYW2V/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=corsair+ssd&qid=1590381149&s=electronics&sr=1-1
  7. Well ,the speaker to headphone can be changed by changing it in the realtek audio center.
  8. Does anyone here sim FSX, X-plane?????
  9. A boomer refers to an old person
  10. Have you tried a different port?
  11. Well, have you tried a driver update and checked if the fans on the card are working properly? If so, reseat the graphics card and see...
  12. Well, I am pretty sure that it will work. The cpu cooler mount changes only with the chipset, in your case you're fine. Warning: do this at your own risk as damaginf the cpu or the cooler can compromise your pc
  13. At what price do you want the heat sink to be?
  14. I found this video online : You know, cause a precaution is always better the buying new stuff.