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  1. So, I bought a Acer NItro 5 2018 Edition(with an Intel 8th gen core i5 8300H and a GeForce GTX 1050Ti) over a year ago as i was not able to get my hands on a nitro 5 2019, and it works perfectly fine. It does have the advertised 4 hours of battery life when i change to battery saver mode , underclock my cpu, and disable my GPU. My problem is that when i use my webcam(inbuilt) and microphone(inbuilt), the battery life drops below an hour, like 45 mins max. During this time(COVID-19), I have a lot of meetings to attend to, and I travel to my office as well, so, i would really love it if i dont h
  2. I would definately recommend the 1440p 165hertz, and also the manufacturer that you are buying from, check their reputation in monitors, recommended samsung, lg or asus.....
  3. I am pretty sure that everyone on this forum is watching this live stream .......
  4. But, won't that affect only cpu performance? And watch a video online for the reseating or watch a Linus tech tips build guide
  5. And the 2060 is propably enough, don't you think?
  6. Actually , I think that the parts that he chose(except the motherboard) are pretty good. You @johnatuccican change your ssd choice to something a little bit faster: https://www.amazon.com/Corsair-Force-MP600-Gen4-PCIe/dp/B07SQZYW2V/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=corsair+ssd&qid=1590381149&s=electronics&sr=1-1
  7. Well ,the speaker to headphone can be changed by changing it in the realtek audio center.
  8. Does anyone here sim FSX, X-plane?????
  9. A boomer refers to an old person
  10. Have you tried a different port?
  11. Well, have you tried a driver update and checked if the fans on the card are working properly? If so, reseat the graphics card and see...
  12. Well, I am pretty sure that it will work. The cpu cooler mount changes only with the chipset, in your case you're fine. Warning: do this at your own risk as damaginf the cpu or the cooler can compromise your pc
  13. At what price do you want the heat sink to be?
  14. I found this video online : You know, cause a precaution is always better the buying new stuff.
  15. @ShrimpBrimeThanks for the Welcome, glad to be here(Mind my english). And his specs show that he has an intel chip. Wraith coolers for AMD. So, Let us try to help him further.
  16. @ShrimpBrimeHis instructions are good. If you can, kindly follow them or look for a good video online.
  17. Well, I will certainly help you as much as i can. Instead of searching for the fan num, search for a heatsink for your particular cpu manufacturer. What pc do you have and can you send a snap of your specs( Press windows key+r, the run tab will open and search for dxdiag, it will ask for checking drivers digitally and click ok, then you will get you spec sheet)
  18. A huge fan... Linus, thank you for this forum and this visionary
  19. If you're a real novice, then i suggest taking it to a local computer repair shop.... And the thing is you can replace just the fan.... Only if you have the correct heatsink model.
  20. Well, don't do it is my advice, but if you want watch the anti rgb one........(dont do it to an extremee....)
  21. Well, you could do a heatsink reseat ( fyi the fan that you showed is called a heatsink and is the main source of cooling for your cpu) or try to see if the BIOS fan setting is configured for performance