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  1. As stated in the update, I've eliminated a GPU driver issue which could supposedly cause problems similar to mine, but the crashes and freezes remain. I've also checked the ASUS GPU tweak logs for any irregularities, and found none. I would really appreciate any and all further advice.
  2. I've now applied new thermal paste, since that was the easiest cause to test. When I tried to play to test my PC, it still crashed, and could not be turned on again. After connecting it to a different power grid, it started up again, but still crashed my game twice and the entire computer once within a span of maybe half an hour. Still, it could be turned on again even after crashing completely, so that felt like an improvement, but also confused me further. I've checked whether it crashes when my RAM usage goes above 50% (since I figured that maybe one of the RAM sticks could be defective), but nope, it remains fully operational above 50% RAM usage as well. I've come to believe that the three issues (game crashing, PC freezing, PC crashing) are connected, since it really feels like they happen almost interchangeably now. This further complicates matters, as I cannot imagine a faulty PSU causing my game to close. (That shouldn't happen, right?) Edit: Oh, I've also checked the power connectors, and they seem to all be in place. Is there some way I can check the functionality of my PSU (that doesn't require a second system or PSU)?
  3. Sadly not really. Could the freezing also be caused by power issues? And could the problem be with my power grid, rather than the PSU? It's rather new, and I haven't had any problems with corsair PSUs before.
  4. Thanks guys, that's really helpful (not being sarcastic!). If either of you know whether the other ports could support 60 Hz, or where I could find out, please let me know!
  5. It's connected via HDMI. Unfortunately, the TV is made by a small Austrian brand, so I doubt a model number will be of any use to anyone here, but just in case, here it is: https://nogis.at/produkt/nogis-one-55-2?v=1 Where would I find my GPU display control settings? I'm using an ASUS DirectCU II OC R9 290x
  6. Update: I've been told that my GPU might not support 4k 60 Hz at all, or at least not via HDMI. If anyone has experience with this card, please let me know! Hello everyone, I recently purchased what is effectively a 4k monitor (though I believe it's technically a modified TV) to use with my PC. Unfortunately, I've had some issues with the resolution and the refresh rate. Essentially: when setting it to 4k, the refresh rate is capped at 30 Hz (rather than the 60 Hz it's capable of). I originally feared this was an issue with the device, but soon discovered that this cap was set by windows (I'm still using windows 7). Any options above 30 Hz are greyed out and cannot be selected. when setting it to 1080p, the image is kinda "zoomed in", with the edges being invisible. This happens both when I duplicate the output of my 1080p monitor and when I set it to display its own image. As you can imagine, not being able to fully utilize my monitor in either resolution is quite frustrating, so I'd be thankful for any ideas you might have. Edit: The TV is connected to my GPU via HDMI Edit 2: The GPU is an ASUS DirectCU II OC R9 290x
  7. Hi, a while back I ran into an issue where my PC would sometimes be connected to my LAN, but not the internet, despite the internet working on other devices. I paid no further attention to this because it was a minor inconvenience that could be fixed by simply restarting the PC. About a month later, my PC started occasionally freezing when in DotA 2 (a video game), ceasing to react to any input. I had to force shut it down, then after restarting, I often had no internet, so I had to restart again. I still don't know if these two issues are connected, but since they often occur together, I thought I'd mention that. These freezes became more common, and were joined by two further issues. First, DotA 2 would sometimes just close down, seemingly without impacting the PC in any way. However, this would typically soon be followed by a freeze or, after a while, the PC crashing. This would look as though the power was turned off - no bluescreen, no freezing, just the PC being instantly shut down. I continued to use it like this for a while, until eventually, my PC shut down (in the manner described above), but when I tried to restart, it immediately shut down again, before anything could even appear on the monitor. I observed the motherboard and noticed the CPU_LED flashing red once as I pressed the power button, and once more when the PC crashed immediately after. I after trying this for a few times, I left the PC untouched for the day. The next day it worked again. Since then, I've been using my PC sparingly, only attempting to play two times. Both times it worked for a while before crashing. Once it crashed after CS:GO (another video game), once after DotA 2, in both cases immediately after a game had ended (as I was loading out of the map and back to the main menu). In summary, my issues are: DotA 2 closing down randomly (something that didn't happen before the other issues emerged). My PC freezing during a game of DotA 2 My PC crashing during, or more commonly right after a game of CS:GO or DotA 2 My PC connecting to LAN but not the internet, typically after being crashing or being force shut down, or after extended periods of it being shut down Please note that these issues may not be limited to DotA 2 (and CS:GO), I simply almost exclusively played DotA 2, so that's where the issues occured. I've considered a few causes, but none of them make much sense to me: CPU thermals seem unlikely, since they shouldn't cause my game to randomly close down (right?) PSU issues seem unlikely, because - again, they shouldn't cause my game to randomly close down RAM issues seem unlikely, because the problems seem to escalate over multiple shut downs. Unless maybe it's RAM thermals? Is that a thing? Something of note is that I'm suspecting voltage fluctuations may have occured in my power grid (this suspicion is based on issues with a TV), though I haven't been able to verify this yet, and it also doesn't seem like a great explanation for my issues. My specs are: GPU: ASUS DirectCU II OC R9 290x MoBo: ASUS M5 A97 R2.0 CPU: AMD FX-8350 RAM: G.Skill RipJawsX 2x4 PSU: Corsair AX760 Although I am thankful for any and all advice, my main focus is on fixing the freezes/crashes. The network issue, if unconnected to the others, is just a minor inconvenience. Update: I've taken a few measures which I thought might fix these issues, but to no avail: I've cleaned my CPU and applied new thermal paste in hopes that it might be a thermals issue. I found some errors pertaining to my GPU in the windows event log, and even found a lot of people complaining about similar crashes associated with these errors. However, when I updated my drivers (which was said to fix the issue), the errors disappeared but the problems remained. I've plugged the PC into a different power grid in case voltage fluctuations were the issue, still no change. I'm really at a loss...
  8. Hello everyone, I'm currently struggling with getting Artifact (a Valve game) to run on my laptop. I also suck at using Ubuntu. Essentially, Artifact only runs on Vulkan - as opposed to the rest of my steam library, and when I try to open it, I get the following error message: "Failed to initialize Vulkan. Please make sure your driver and GPU support Vulkan." Can someone please help me install Vulkan and get this game to run? I'm using a Lenovo Ideapad 720s with an i5-7200U, so graphics should be Intel HD 620 (right?). I'm running Ubuntu 18.04.1. Please keep in mind that I really, really don't know how to use Ubuntu. I just installed it cause I couldn't stand Windows 10. I have been told that I just need to get mesa something something. As far as I can tell, I have done that. There is a good chance I may have messed something up, but I have no clue, so if you have any ideas, please explain them like you would to someone who has never used anything other than Windows, cause that basically applies to me.
  9. Hello, my R9 290x seems to have died, and so I am looking for a replacement/upgrade. The problem is that I don't really have a massive budget and certainly don't want to pay the ridiculous prices GPUs are selling for right now. So what can I get that will: 1) not under-perform compared to my old GPU (cause that would really suck) 2) last for at least a year or two without being completely outdated (I don't feel like just getting another R9 290x tbh) 3) cost as little as possible, or preferably below 400€ (give or take) I'm also hoping to run Star Citizen, so while that shouldn't be a problem for a card fitting my criteria, I guess it's something to keep in mind. P. S. I have an AMD FX-8350 CPU, so that's fairly old, in cases there's any compatibility issues (though there shouldn't be, right?)
  10. Yes, the cables are connected properly and the LEDs indicate sufficient power supply. I don't have any spare hardware to experiment with, but I did have the GPU (along with most other hardware) tested a month or two ago and nothing was found (though I cannot attest to the expertise of the company checking my PC).
  11. Hello, I've run into some trouble trying to reinstall windows today. I installed a clean Windows 7 version because the one I was using was several years old and it seemed like the best way to deal with all the clutter. Note that the system worked without any issues previously. The OS installs without any problems and the MoBo drivers seem to be working too, but I simply cannot get the GPU drivers to work. I've tried downloads from ASUS, which showed no effect. When I installed directly from AMD, my system asked to restart, but once it got to the log-in screen, the monitor turned off, claiming to receive no signal (note that it did display the "starting windows" animation). I've tried this several times now, using both the automated installer and manually choosing both the most recent drivers and the previous version - the result is always the same. I would be really grateful if someone could help me out with this. Thanks in advance! Specs: GPU: ASUS DirectCU II OC R9 290x MoBo: ASUS M5 A97 R2.0 CPU: AMD FX-8350 P. S. I have been having some green or red lines flash across the screen every now and then, often enough to be really noticeable but not big enough to be a hindrance. I'm pretty sure this is caused by a fault in the DVI-D cable, and the problem persists after the reinstall, but I thought I'd mention it anyway, just to be sure.
  12. @Neuromanic @mikat As far as I'm aware, this only lets you limit at what time of the day the PC can be used, not for how long (so it could be set to allow usage from 2 - 5 pm, but not for 3 hours max any time of the day), significantly limiting its usefulness. I've tried this in the past but was hoping to find a better tool, thanks anyway. @ben dover kid It's my little brother, not my son. But yes, of course I've spoken to him about it, but it doesn't seem to help much. Yesterday, he spent 11 hours in-game, then proceeded to skip school today, so I suspect you won't find limiting his PC usage too strict. Seeing how much he plays, no, I do not trust him to spend less time at the PC without software to assist in the process, though I still find "beating him with a stick" to be wildly unreasonable. You are of course welcome to give further advice on raising kids, but frankly, I'd appreciate it much more if you happened to remember the name of the software.
  13. Hey, I'm looking for a piece of software which would count how much time is being spent at the PC on one specific user, then lock it once a set limit has been surpassed. Optimally, the software would count the time during which the monitor is on (not sure if/how that would work) so that it counts movies etc. but doesn't count just listening to music. I'm not sure if such a piece of software even exists (I feel like surely it must, but I haven't found anything remoltely similar), so I'd also like to hear about any other software which, while not fitting those exact criteria, still could be used in a similar way. Thanks in advance.
  14. As I remember, Sennheiser mostly produce on-ear headphones, which I dislike. Which Beyerdynamic or AKG headphones are particularly good (yet within my budget), or what would be a better alternative to the M40xs?
  15. Hello, I'm thinking about buying a nice pair of headphones for my girlfriend. However, I am on a budget. My current plan is to just get her the ATH-M50x, which, as far as I'm aware, are excellent, but if at all possible, I'd prefer to get something cheaper. I haven't really looked into headphones in a while, so I was wondering if maybe there are some cheaper alternatives to the aforementioned Audio-Technica ones. Edit: I'm open to headphones from pretty much any brand. (Except for beats. Fuck beats.) Sorry if I didn't make that clear. Edit 2: Whilst I appreciate any suggestions, I'd prefer over-ear headphones because 1) I personally think they're the most comfortable (and I think my gf will agree) and 2) I think they look pretty fucking sexy :3