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  1. Linpack : up to 3.4X vs single EPYC 7601 StreamTriad : up to 1.3x vs single EPYC 7601 ..... up to ... vs single EPYC 7601 Price : up to 9999x vs single EPYC 7601 ?
  2. my god, follow anantech's 9900k review, that cpu draw more power than my 2950X at all cores load. May be i will build 8700k game pc for my son...
  3. 9900K review , google web cache FTW (original got deleted for unknow reasons), just leak one?
  4. a small question, if i buy 2080ti fe + ek block ,am i need a heatgun @@??
  5. as an owner of 1080ti + UP3216Q , i can say WWII + Farcry 5 in this video have something wrong , too weak !!
  6. May be Huang don't want "TItan 999$ vs 290X 499$ " again
  7. I don't care about ray"tray"cing ,just hope 2080ti can hold 4k 144hz
  8. some games need more cores and threads like assassin's creed origins ,bf1 ... in this case i think ryzen better
  9. oh thank you very much, it stable all way with 4.2@1.38v and higher CB score, but if I leave all auto and go games , clock higher (~4.3~4.4) with lower vcore but lower cb score too? I'm newbie so please let me know if i make you feeling nasty , and sorry about my bad English
  10. I'm not sure, it always jump but may be hwinfo64 better to see this , and sorry about my bad English