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Everything posted by totjup5

  1. Posting anything from feminist frequency on here should be a bannable offence.
  2. To whoever bought the last GTX 1080 Aero on newegg while I was typing in my payment information, I hope your card get's broken in shipping.

  3. Penumbra: Overture, one of the most disturbing games I've played for sure.
  4. I'm on a single 970 right now while I wait for 1080s to come in stock and my overclocked 970 manages 70-90 fps at 1440p so a single 1080 should have no issues. also, I had no issues averaging in the 130fps range when I had 970 SLI.
  5. This hilarious post made my day


  6. I really like the fractal venturi fans. they're super quiet under load.
  7. It will probably sell out faster honestly because there's generally more demand for cheaper cards.
  8. If I disable SLI I get 70-90 fps with max settings at 1440p on one 970. That is overclocked, but still, the game is well optimized.
  9. I've had very few issues with SLI and i've been running it for years. the 970s that I have now are the third SLI setup I've had in a row. Also, the benefit of 2 cards is when the new ones come out, you can sell one card at a time; one before you get the new gpus, and one after. That way you still have a functional pc in the mean time. That's what I'm doing now for my upgrade to gtx 1080 SLI.
  10. I like my DxRacer chair for the most part but as a tall 6'3" large guy with broad shoulders it is a bit small for me.
  11. Noire's favorite game effect maxresdefault.jpg

  12. The Witcher 3. Probably the best single player game I've ever played, and it's definitely one of my favorite games ever.
  13. Eagerly awaiting the gtx 1080 launch. I shall have 2.

  14. I managed to get mine to 4.8 on my h110, Technichally I can hit 4.9 on it but the voltage required and the temps are a bit above what i'm comfortable with. With a heavy overclock the 3770k is still a really great chip, mine has had no troubles keeping up in games!
  15. There are games out there much more demanding than Battlefield 4. For example in witcher 3 maxed out with hairworks I can just barely make 60fps with two heavily overclocked 970s at 1440p.
  16. You don't have to flat out say "this is a fact" for it to be stated that way. You simply said "dayz hasnt' been worked on for like 3 years or so now". That is a statement by you that in the context of your sentence was presented as fact. Just please verify your information next time.