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    High Scool


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    Asus P8H61
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    8GB DDR3 1333 mHz
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    long story...
  • Case
    MS Spectrum
  • Storage
    120GB V3ertex SSD | 1TB Seagate SSHD
  • PSU
    Generic 600W
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    bira 1400x900p 75Hz
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    Intel stock
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    Yankee Ambush
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    Logitech G430
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
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  1. NoobKing

    Worth the change? 480 4g vs 1060 6gb

    You do realise that the 480 is a faster card right? I wouldn't touch a thing
  2. NoobKing

    Can my computer support the 2070?

    Apart from the PSU, that CPU won't hold a candle to that 2070. That is one hell of a card and pairing it with a 4th Gen i5, I don't see it being a good investment.
  3. NoobKing

    r9 270x stuck at 450mhz

    79 isn't too high but there might be an error with the readings. Can you do anything temporary to lower the temps? Just to see if temps are the issue
  4. Anyone know how high a Xeon E5430 goes on a stock cooler Asking for a friend lol Sorta
  5. NoobKing

    Budget PSU Options?

    How good of an idea is it to buy a used one?
  6. So I have an i7 3770 and for the moment no GPU. I'm looking to buy an RX 570 but im worried about my PSU. It's some cheap Chinese thing with "600W" of power. So what is the cheapest brand I can get by with on a system like this? Are there any viable "semi-brand-name" companies I could go with?
  7. NoobKing

    Is this worth upgrading?

    I'm pretty sure the 560 has better raw performance but you are giving up thermals ,audibility and some nvidia software but then again perf is perf(compared to a 1030)
  8. NoobKing

    Is this worth upgrading?

    It shouldn't bottleneck it but of course you don't have to take my word for it so if you can do research-do it And btw if you don't mind getting used and the extra 2x6pin pcie connectors try finding a gtx 560 2gb
  9. NoobKing

    Is this worth upgrading?

    I'm looking for a GTX 650/560 but you might be able to go a bit higher and SSD's are nice but HDD's are still the budget option and a decent drive won't affect anything important on the PC so just in case you need to cut down on cost...
  10. NoobKing

    Is this worth upgrading?

    I'm building a simmilar system rn for sale and since you already have the mobo ,psu and cpu I think you would be best of buying an HDD and a GPU and selling it
  11. NoobKing

    Can you use 1 MOLEX to power an RX 570?

    Guess I'll just have to go scavanging for a 1060 then lol
  12. NoobKing

    Can you use 1 MOLEX to power an RX 570?

    OK so I'm stuck with my intergraded hd 4000 for the next year or so thanks for the advice
  13. NoobKing

    Can you use 1 MOLEX to power an RX 570?

    The label is accesable if I rip the whole PSU out of the case, it's 12:30AM I'm not doing that right now 2 molexes and 3 sata power connectors
  14. NoobKing

    Can you use 1 MOLEX to power an RX 570?

    Sry no way to know,text is in chinese I can only give you a barcode if it helps 600w PSU,2 Molexes and a single 8pin connector for a standard Non-OC version of the RX 570,can I do it
  15. NoobKing

    Can you use 1 MOLEX to power an RX 570?

    OK so I did some math and made my whole system on pcpartpicker and my whole system(with an RX 570) would draw 450W DO you think this PSU will handle this (no OC on CPU,GPU...) ?