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  1. Hmm Nice attempt on the reversal, i just don't care as much, seemingly those without a woman seem more competent at winning these white knight battles.
  2. Who cares, sick of you all having something to prove instead of using your brains.
  3. Sorry but it is a fact just like the story of these females. Gender politics needs balance.
  4. Well go explain to those who trained hard for years and never met the expectations. Since you said the Bar for novice is rather low. Must be experienced?
  5. Notice how you sway the goal posts, you have moved from the logic that males are 50% stronger in upper body strength to using lower body strength. Well here is the results which use total body strength since neither you or the other can stop logically swaying. https://strengthlevel.com/strength-standards/deadlift As i said the average dude is still stronger well in this test roughly equal as the female who is semi trained (Novice) This also expects a person to be at the strength level of said weight vs someone else also which is not guaran
  6. Sauron, your logic is still backwards, on a level playing field all the way to the top a man will out strength any female. There is no refuting this, it is impossible to refute. And i laughed at the clown who put a boxer vs an arm wrestler, a boxer does not train the arms as much as people think, this slows them down, heavyweights are not as fast as a welter weight but a welter weight cannot vs a heavy weight due to very real issues, such as the heavy weight simply knocking the welterweight in half with a couple of blows. No amount of one upping is going to change these
  7. Another idiocy is people think a muscle with a higher peak is larger and stronger, it's false, denser fibers in muscle are stronger than larger with less, they have more power behind them in short burst also it's why Bruce Lee was so strong for his tiny size. The female in the videos of arm wrestling have large belly biceps.
  8. These women train day in day out vs some guy who don't. I said semi trained, someone who just runs every now and then, uses weights once every week or two, not the gym nut with body dysphoria. You use logic that goes outside of the context used to suit your argument.
  9. Right but you used weight as the argument, so if a skinny dude is untrained, he is also weaker than the average semi trained female? your logic is not straight forward.
  10. Muhammad Ali, smaller than his foes, took them down. Speed / nervous system, he also never trained before some of his fights and still knocked them clean out and lasted way passed 9 rounds.
  11. I see, so we have gone from biological facts to using someone's weight against them. I wonder if females could outpace Riskishi Fatu or this boxer...
  12. Well i'm above average, that's nice to know, however strength? ability? I would weigh the image of the left person is more capable in strength tasks vs a semi trained average woman, endurance? it is strength over time, he may lose to that, give him 2 weeks he might have her in the bag.
  13. Well we have yet to see women truly out strength an average man, you mean the oddity that takes steroids? That is their prerogative. You mean those extremely rare 6 foot 7 giant women? the ones that well were properly 2-3 in the last 100 years?
  14. I don't look much at all, but i can move way more than my frame suggests, just shy of 6 foot 1 and almost 190 LBS. I'm actually skinny but strength is not reliant on purely size it is also nervous system and how efficient your body is as using it's muscle density. No female is going to make up the 50% handicap if i was training at the same rate. Women are just not meant to be this way biologically.