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    PC GAMES , modding , water cooling , overclocking , Coin mining ........
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    Im a Bulgarian living in London.
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    i7 5820k
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    Asus X99-E WS
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    Corsair Vengeance 4x8GB(32GB) DDR4
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    Asus GTX 680
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    NZXT Phantom Full Tower
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    Intel 750 PCIe 400GB + 4x Random 500GB HDD
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    Corsair 600Cx
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    Asus PB287Q 4k 60hz IPS
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    Custom Loop
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    Cooler Master Quickfire TK (mx Red)
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    Razer Deathadder 2013
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    Genius GX
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    Windows 10 64bit

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  1. Yes, yet is still confusing there are 8 inputs and 9 possible outputs. The 8 inputs go to the 8 outputs that is clear however what about the parity bit does it get mapped or is just left alone. If it is left alone then it is injective if it is mapped then it is subjective but it can also be both .
  2. Not sure if this is the right spot but I guess it is related to programming. I really need some help, maybe I am stupid or something but all this maths really confuses me. I have been trying to answer this question for hours and everything just confuses me. My best guess is that it is injective(one to one) as each element of the co domain is mapped to one element and the last element b9 is not mapped. As for the second question I have no clue.
  3. I have just set the dns to and but that didnt fix it.
  4. Fresh install of ubuntu but I don't have any internet on a wired connection?
  5. Basically most of what the CPU does is the game logic, it doesn't really play a part in rendering the scene.The CPU load is fixed. However, the GPU load is variable. There is a point of convergance where the CPU and GPU matter equally, but that res would be so low that it wouldn't even matter. So, if we drew a graph of CPU and GPU load vs. resolution, the CPU would be a flat line, while the GPU would be a diagonal line heading upwards (or in all likelihood it would be bent because of memory limitations on the GPU being able to handle higher resolutions).
  6. True it is but it is worth it, you can try and sell your old one on gumtree or something so it won't be as bad.
  7. Go with the single card solution any day avoid sli it has plenty scaling and compatibility issues. Also a GTX970 is a newer card.
  8. Yep nvm all of what I said Its late here I was just thinking of a 6600. Then again his numbers are way too low for it to be a bottleneck issue.
  9. Ahm 1440p(2k) is a higher resolution than 1080 doe, even then I have not seen anyone or anywhere on benchmarks say or show their i5 6400 bottlenecking their 1080 so maybe it was just an isolated case.
  10. Oh I had assumed he was talking of E-cheque through PayPal my bad. Still even with tracking and confirmation of delivery it is time consuming and probably not worth the hassle for the few extra bucks he will get not to mention there is still a chance for the product to be damaged during shipping .
  11. The easiest way is to just watch LTT and Techquickie. I personally started by watching computer build logs and how to make my own computer LTT has got plenty of those so try that, after you could jus watch the tons of gpu and cpu reviews so you have an idea of the range of products there, the wan show is also great at first it might be tough to understand but with time it will all come to place. You will learn a lot more watching that you would from books or courses I assure you that.
  12. Nope it is worse it takes 5-7 days to show up and he can cancel it easily. It is a well known scam, and even if it was not a scam it could be damaged during shipment and cost you much more.
  13. Also your i5 will not bottleneck your GPU at all so that is not the issue. Usually once you plug in a discrete gpu the onboard one should be disabled in bios automatically but maybe that is not the case here so it is worth taking a look at that and maybe updating your bios to the latest one can resolve it.
  14. It sounds to me that you are running of your IGPU aka the integrated one inside your processor. Here is something that might help http://www.techadvisor.co.uk/how-to/pc-components/how-set-default-graphics-card-3612668/ . try that and see if it makes a difference.