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  1. Hey, for some reason my m.2 ssd is running most of the time very hot (atleast reported by samsung magician). I know that if an SSd runs that hot for a long time its not healthy for the drive, so how do i fix it? Even though im not writing/reading files it still says that it's running too hot. Image below
  2. So i installed my 1tb 970 evo plus on my pc and so on. Im trying to clone windows to it with samsung's data migration tool but it isn't detecting the SSD, meanwhile windows does. Help is appreciated.
  3. I dont mind a clean start. Can i see the guide?
  4. I just installed my 1tb 970 evo plus to my pc and im going to use it as my boot drive. I have 2 options of installing it: 1. If i find my windows install stick, i will reset my old hard drive (nothing important on there except some passwords and big games that took ages to download) and install windows onto my new SSD 2. Make windows detect the SSD (which it does, it just doesnt use it as a storage location) and use the tool on samsung's website to transfer windows and the files over to the drive Which is a better option?
  5. The bag contained screws that fit perfectly, lets get this bread gamers.
  6. Bump I just got a bag which has a whole lot of random screws and i found 6 which might be useful. Going to try and install them soon.
  7. I just figured where it might be, it's probably in a box for my cooler but i dont remember much that where that box could be
  8. I cant find the motherboard accessory bags
  9. I found these standoffs from these little bags but none of them fit, i've tried
  10. I just bought a samsung 970 evo plus 1tb and im trying to install it right now but i cant find the right screws from my motherboard's box. My motherboard is an ASUS Prime z370-p ii. Need help ASAP
  11. Hi. Im planning to install a 1TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus on my computer to work as my windows drive and a drive for some games and software. My concern is that will my motherboard support it? Specs in the spoiler: I put my specs in pcpartpicker to test compability and it said something about that the NVMe port and the SATA port on my motherboard use the same bandwith and so the SATA port will be disabled, however i dont want this because i want to use it as a drive for my photos and other files. Should i worry or not?