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  1. SSD and OS, that's a good combo, right? Sign me up!
  2. Yeah, so Windows should advertise that it doesn't get human viruses...
  3. Is it just me or what, but this sounds like
  4. Come on, this CMD+ALD+V is dumb, every freaking application use CMD+X. ENTER for renaming also is so irritating I just could get used to it even after using OSX daily for a year. Merging folders is also BS. To even get the merge button to appear one have to hold ALT, there is no skip when merging too. This is why I basically do file operations from shell. Another thing that is so annoying is hidden files/folders - no proper way to turn them on/off. Yes, there is 3rd party apps which basically are Automator script wrappers. Fullscreen instead of maximize... double clicking title bar for browser requires some precision. What I would suggest for people coming from Windows or having to switch between these OS's - XtraFinder. This also add options to sort folders on top, allows using ENTER for opening and offers ton of other options. And who uses tags...
  5. I disagree. My friend had two. After a while both were hanging on his wall just as decoration. I took one to try out. The ball was not working because of dirt, cracked it open, cleaned, superglued back and used for week or two, then again the ball got dirty. Kinda liked the size, but clicking felt weird and the scrolling ball was bit uncomfortably placed. So again cracked open, cleaned and gave to my mom. She used it for week and changed back to previous one.
  6. Would be the first part in my Win PC
  7. LTT's first Human flesh search engine?
  8. Create secret community, tpb one copy and burn it to DVDs and distribute with pidgins to other members
  9. If every one would be so self-righteousness as you make your self here, there would be no game industry or even software industry as big as it is today. Your view on piracy is so narrow that is not even worth to hijack this topic to argue about it.
  10. Maybe some kind of DAC is a better choice? Not an expert at all but that seems the choice for many people seeking better sound.
  11. I reinstalled one P4 with 768MB ram few weeks ago. That process was so painful that almost made me cry. Not enough ram is just awful.
  12. FTP? That's just sad. How can people live without version control. I still remember how I messed up one Wordpress project by overwriting styles.css not realizing that it was the wrong server. On top of that backups was not something super cheap hostings offer.