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    *Something Funny and Relevant*

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    Chillin' on da Beach
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    Maxing and relaxing, of course!
    But yknow - the basic stuff. Love science and technology, and always had an interest in tinkering with electronics and computers. I also enjoy a bit of philosophy, maths, literature, all that good stuff. Oh, and minorly addicted to games, but who isn't!
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    A Scotsman. You can probably guess the rest! ;b
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    Beach Enjoyer


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    Intel i5-7600K @ 3.8GHz
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    MSI Z270 Gaming M5 ATX
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    Kingston HyperX Savage 1x8GB DDR4-2666
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    MSI GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Gaming X (Badly Spray Painted White)
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    NZXT H440 ATX (White and Black)
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    Sandisk SSD Plus 240GB
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    EVGA SuperNOVA G3 550W 80+ Gold Fully Modular
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    HP Compaq LA2405x 1920x1200 @ 60Hz
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    Cryorig C7 40.5 CFM CPU Cooler
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    MSI GK-701 Cherry MX Brown Keyboard
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    Steelseries Rival 700 @ 600 DPI
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    Creative CSW-1250 Sound System (Old but Great with Bass Maxed!)
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    Windows 10 Pro (Totally not Pirated)
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  1. Feeling like a bit of a dunce - are you able to link one just for an example if thats OK?
  2. Like a PCI Card rather than one that goes in the back but connects to a different mobo header?
  3. Thanks for the offer but Im in Edinburgh Scotland so don't imagine Im your nearest city!
  4. Yeah thats the uber back up if this USB PCI idea doesn't work out
  5. Ok I'll give it a shot. The only other thing is I have my monitor hooked to the GPU via Displayport. This monitor has a couple USB ports on it that also don't work. Would that also be to do with the USB controllers?
  6. Why would that work then the case front USB headers don't work and they're also plugged straight into the mobo?
  7. Hi, So I recently moved my tower PC to uni with me. I built it 2-3 years ago I think, and for a long time now it has had an issue where all USB ports on it seem to be broken bar 1. From this one port, I had a multi USB port plugged in to be able to have a keyboard, mouse, mic. When I moved it however, this was no longer an optimal way to run things, so I went about the procedure of trying to fix the issue. One of the things I tried was manually updating the USB controller drivers. I did this with the files from MSI for my mobo and the moment I did that, all USB ports broke, includin
  8. Ok cool thanks - how long does it normally take for Nvidia to release drivers for the latest macOS updates?
  9. So I bought an iPhone XR, which is my first foray back into the world of Apple in a while, and damn being in the ecosystem looks like a dream. So, having been out the hobbyist world for a while, I wanted to know if a hackintosh system is still achievable without much performance loss (if there even was any before?). My setup is the i5 7600K, GTX 1060 6gb, 8gb of RAM (I know, pretty measly), and, of course, the crown jewel: an NZXT H440. Further, are Hackintoshs still temperamental machines, or are they pretty stable these days? Many thanks, Xvantok
  10. Wahohoho!

    Long time no see!

  11. Decent - So should I just grab a 2x8gb kit then?