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  1. AntInATree

    Which Pocket for Phone

    Use to be a left pocket only person until i lost my finger tips. I do mainly back pockets now unless I am sitting down then in between the legs or out.
  2. AntInATree

    Building a PC for Strange Parts in China!

    I agree. I love his content more i can see of LTT the better.
  3. AntInATree

    Google could be replacing Play Music for Youtube remix

    I use google play music essentially because it just works and has a vast variety of auto recommendations. No ads also. i don't use spotify because it is just another platform i have to maintain
  4. AntInATree

    Tesla coil project

    Also make sure all your copper wire is stripped. Here is a reference of a 12 volt battery Tesla coil. http://www.teslacoildesign.com/construction.html this is a good guide also
  5. AntInATree

    How to ask out my crush that likes me?

    True it is a giant ball of opinion
  6. AntInATree

    How to ask out my crush that likes me?

    Yeah people also didn't care what others thought. Also woman use to be property something to be taken. I mean if another guy just walked up and kissed you.How would you feel? It is not about what is romantic and spontaneous. It is covering your own butt. Romance is a modern invention doing things for love is also. Best way to ask someone out is get to know them more and more. Hang out with them often then after some time learning about the person finding out their hopes and dreams. If their personality and hopes and dreams match ask them out if you think she doesn't mind getting close to you. Or don't if you want a quick fling just ask. Better question is why do you want her to be your gf? Are you 2 even friends yet?
  7. AntInATree

    How to ask out my crush that likes me?

    Don't do this. This is sexual assault. If you want to know if she likes you ask. It is easy. Use words.
  8. I didn't even know they had this part of the forum neat

  9. AntInATree

    LTT should expand

    Linus media group is expanding currently. They are making floatplane. As for expanding and branching out it is a great idea but there is so much more to working then doing something you don't enjoy. The reason linus does what he does is because he enjoys technology, providing information to people and reviewing. He found a way to make money with youtube. Now making a retail business is providing a service he may not enjoy or has a passion about. That is why you see him expanding in the video/creators market because he has a passion to help creators have a better platform. I am highly certain he has little passion in sales.
  10. AntInATree


    I will add you later on fortnite i play 6ish to midnight EST on the week days. add me on discord antinatree#9284