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  1. try to make it 1.4 and see if it crashes Oh also, if it's in game mode, turn that off. Ryzen master Game mode is bad.
  2. @TofuHarotothe voltage "Peak" was set to like 1.46, that's still lowering it, I mean yea he can set max to 1.36 i guess, but i'm not telling him to up the voltage
  3. Ok, so the max core voltage I'm seeing is like 1.36 which is perfectly fine, that being said I would still lower that voltage down to 1.4 to give some head room for those cores but also to make sure that it wouldn't just kill itself if it ever went over 1.4
  4. @Robin1465I would use Prime95 for like 5 mins take screenshots while running then you can stop it.
  5. Best thing to do is not plug it [Hard drive] in anymore and go to some data recovery facility if you want the data off it. If it's like pretty important data, that's just the safest route since ya never know.
  6. Yes, this was a few years ago for me but I have seen some more people with this issue recently that peaked my interest in the topic again. I had decided after a while to get a new mobo and CPU, I kept all my peripherals. I decided to test the new CPU in the old mobo, still had issues, tested new mobo on old CPU, it didn't happen. Of course new mobo and cpu together worked fine. After that motherboard I have not gone back to MSI, but that's not necessarily because of this issue, just liked the other options. Also, the issue was not it disconnecting just one device it was all the devices plugged into the motherboard.
  7. @Robin1465Can you show me what the clock speeds and temperature are at idle? It should show you in task manager. Also, could you run a stress test and tell me the temperatures and clock speeds then. Oh and I'm looking at that voltage, Ryzen master does that dumb thing with the "Peak volatage" so here it shows a max of 1.2... but idk if it will stay that way under load which is what you really want to see what peak voltage is at. So when you are running a stress test, take a picture of the voltage.
  8. So I have seen a few people with MSI motherboards as well as myself who have had USB devices plugged into said MSI Motherboards randomly shut off. It is not a power delivery issue because that has been ruled out by maxing maximum drawing power of the ports. Please answer this poll.
  9. Well as you said it was an MSI mobo, I'm pretty sure that if you have some sort of receipt even email or maybe even an image with date and product shown, you can receive an RMA through MSI. Also, I find it kind of weird because the mobo this happened to me on was the only MSI mobo I have owned, and it is the only mobo it has happened to me on. Oh and the $20 shipping cost is sadly just a part of it, but I mean it's a lot better to have a working mobo instead of a dead one over $20, you probably have at lease a few months to a few years on that warranty if you need time to rack up a few bucks. I may start some kind of poll on here to ask if anyone with an MSI mobo has had this issue, and then report it to MSI. But if you need to RMA it you can do it here as long as you bought it within 1-3 years, idk what MSI warranty lifetime is. https://us.msi.com/support
  10. yea, I don't normally like to run a cpu over 1.35 to 1.4 since that just degrades the cpu. I would try and lower that voltage. But first what are temps and clock speed.
  11. Did this start randomly or when you got it?
  12. Wait so there may actually be a 3090 skew?
  13. yea update drivers and also look into task manager and see what ram usage is like, you may be running out since it's only 4gb
  14. I mean, if it was a mobo, it would be manufacturing error not user error. I remember I did try to change how much power was being given to the USBs but that didn't fix the issue. I would definitely get that to an RMA or store warranty.
  15. No, I made sure obviously. Cause I mean I don't think the mic goes on the back of my head.
  16. Unless he needs it direly immediately he should at least wait for next gen cpus and gpus to release to at least lower price of current gen, or he can always upgrade to next gen.
  17. I had this issue a long time ago, never figured it out fully. It did seem to go away when I got a new motherboard, so it MAY be that. Take this with a grain of salt, wait for other people to give feedback.
  18. A gallon of ice cream and cones for my family
  19. Yea I found many people asking on corsair forums for a fix from like 10 years ago up until today, they still haven't really fixed it completely.
  20. Wow, I thought it was a good like 3-4 months away. Is that for all cards or just like 3080. I think 3080tis come out later, correct me if I'm wrong.
  21. So, I got the corsair virtuoso recently and randomly I don't know when but the audio channels just switched. I was super confused when I heard guns on my left when they were on my right. Anyway, I uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers and iCue. Fixed immediately. Just really odd that they swapped for no reason.
  22. I know this would be a VERY long video (years of waiting) but if you could do a fan review by letting them run constantly for years, and use many fans you can buy separately without buying cases or case coolers and see which ones act out (vibrating, rattling, or stopping altogether) after how long. I know there could be a bit of issue because some fans could be outdated by the time the video is ready to be uploaded.