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  1. Is there any liquid/air coolers that will cool overclocking on a 3600 or 2700x? Please let me know!
  2. I mean yeah. I mostly watch streamers who use Intel and they stream fine, even good.
  3. And if I were to use a case, maybe a Corsair Spec-Delta, so $70.
  4. For a motherboard switch, $200, and processor around $400.
  5. Should I switch to Intel or AMD? I was looking at some Intel processors and talking in a previous topic of mine, and the 10th gen processors are kind of interesting me. Like the Core i5 10600kf or Core i7 10700k. I am not sure if I should switch to that or stay with AMD for their 4th gen processors, I am expecting their 4th gen processors to be more expensive than the 3950x, which is already above my price point for a CPU. Meanwhile on the Intel side, they are releasing new processors that are $200-$300 that can either equal or beat their 9900k (cpus i listed earlier). I just want some suggest
  6. dang this question has turned into a heated situation about performance and rich people
  7. I see where youre going, so how about the 3070 when it releases?
  8. I mean time will tell. and from the sources I am looking at, the 3060 will have almost a full gigabyte of boost clock than a founders edition overclocked, and faster memory speed, so we will see.
  9. I mean, SLI isn't even worth it but that is sad, especially with people wasting $1200 on a 2080 ti right now.
  10. I am really curious about this, because sources are saying that the flagship 3060 would either out do, or stand its ground with the 2080 ti. And with the prediction of pricing being $300-$400, it just seems too good to be true to me. Anyone else have thoughts about this or answers to this? I would like to know.
  11. I am looking at prices of the 3070 specifically and 3070 ti because I think that'll be the one enough for me.