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  1. I love RPGs(no good RPGs in 2019) but NFS Heat was pretty good.
  2. Seems like your RAM doesn't like that ''DOCP'' setting and you have to clear CMOS.
  3. Do you use SLI bridge and did you connect the monitor the same output that it was before?
  4. You repasted these GTX770s? Was the paste non conductive?
  5. You don't have a water pump header? Most water pump headers can handle 2amp(check your MB manual).
  6. Let me spice up your nostalgia feelings with:
  7. I use NordVPN proxy to watch Home and Away(you need to live in Australia to watch it on 7plus).
  8. I can't wait the new season of Home and Away. Did you see the last episode?
  9. Is Home and Away very popular in Australia? It is very popular here in Europe.
  10. I love Home and Away. What do you think about Summer Bay?
  11. I have a pretty much no name 1600W PSU that all capacitors are made by Nichicon.