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  1. Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone knows of a reputable source of very cheap parts my pc and monitor were stolen out of my car while i was in the process of moving and I have almost no money to replace it but am hating not have my rig any suggestions?
  2. My CPU has no onboard graphics and yes IV done everything so far and it's a Asus crosshair v formula z with 16 gigs of ripjaws ddr3 1333 MHz amd fx 9590 8 core 4.7 GHz and a 256 GB SSD and 1 tb HDD 850w Corsair rm850 power supply and 2 gigabyte windforce nividia GeForce gtx 770s
  3. I didnt open the cards I just took them out to dust them off better
  4. So I took my old pcs gpus out dual gtx 770s old I know but his PC is special to me as it was my uncle's and given to me when he past away a few weeks ago and I took out the cards to clean them and after putting back in the screen shows nothing after turning on and the light days LED VGA and the system now won't stay on for long I don't have really any money to spare on parts either but it's imperative that this system or at least case stay running it means the world to me as me and my uncle bonded through gaming and it's all I have left any help is much appreciated