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    Hamburgers taste good


  • CPU
    i5 8600k
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte z370 gaming 7
  • RAM
    3200mhz Gskill trident z rgb
  • GPU
    Gigabyte 1070 ti windforce
  • Case
    NZXT s340 elite hyperbeast
  • Storage
    500gb sshd and 160gb hdd both stolen from dead rigs
  • PSU
    650w EVGA g3(I think?)
  • Display(s)
    Msi 27c thing = bad
  • Cooling
    Deep cool gammexx gt
  • Keyboard
    Razer black widow v2
  • Mouse
    Razer mamba tournament edition
  • Sound
    Beats solo2 wired
  • Operating System
    Win 10

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  1. Domi-Nate

    mouse clicker?

    yea razer does have it just found it thanks
  2. Domi-Nate

    mouse clicker?

    on hot key command
  3. Domi-Nate

    mouse clicker?

    i want it to click in a specific spot really quickly
  4. Domi-Nate

    mouse clicker?

    does not have x-y coordinates
  5. Domi-Nate

    mouse clicker?

    dont think it has x-y coodinates...
  6. Domi-Nate

    mouse clicker?

    anyone know of a free mouse clicker with x-y coordinates and hotkeys?
  7. Domi-Nate

    Remotely set up remote access? Again....

    I know that the program should be listening on ports 8000-8014 it was parsec I like it cause it’s fast but I broke the video output (I see one frame Every time I start it) it still accepts keys and stuff
  8. Domi-Nate

    Remotely set up remote access? Again....

    Yea but like I said their is no need to hack/crack because I know the passwords and stuff. or is the only way to do it fall under that category?
  9. Domi-Nate

    Remotely set up remote access? Again....

    I know the up addresses of everything *unless they changed* external and internal.
  10. I made the mistake of saying I wanted to hack when really i know every password from the router to the computer so there is no need to be hacking anything. Now i screwed up a config file on my Remote Desktop and basically made it un usable I need to know how one could acces his OWN computer without cracking any passwords to stay inside this forums rules.
  11. Domi-Nate

    Help? With remote access of windows.

    alright well i believe it uses ports 8000-8014 also when i start it up i see 1 frame of my desktop then the display locks up if i hit ctrl-shift-esc for example and try loading it up again task manager will be open.
  12. Domi-Nate

    Help? With remote access of windows.

    Any ideas on where I could find help on this ex:forum, wiki page anything?
  13. Domi-Nate

    Help? With remote access of windows.

    Yea I changed the device it would be broadcasting on to a mesh VPN that no longer exists.... I was using parsec as my Remote Desktop application. i just need to change/delete the config file so it defaults back to the network adapter that works. if we need to discuss this on another forum I would happily go there.
  14. Domi-Nate

    air cooler for light 8600k oc'ing

    I have an 8600k oced to 5ghz@1.4 60 degrees max and it uses a cheapo deepcool gamexx gt plus it has RGB
  15. Alrighty so I went on a trip and screwed up my remote access program... so how would one hack into his *OWN* windows 10 pc to change a config file. knowing the IP address of everything and stuff.