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    Hamburgers taste good


  • CPU
    i5 8600k@5ghz
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte z370 gaming 7
  • RAM
    3200mhz Gskill trident z rgb @3800mhz
  • GPU
    Gigabyte 1070 ti windforce
  • Case
    NZXT s340 elite hyperbeast
  • Storage
    250GB samsung evo ssd and Seagate 1TB hdd
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    650w EVGA g3(I think?)
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    benq xl2536
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    Be quiet! dark rock 4 with LM
  • Keyboard
    Razer black widow v2
  • Mouse
    Razer mamba tournament edition
  • Sound
    DT 990 Pro 250ohm limited edition
  • Operating System
    Win 10 pro

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  1. idk what the hell is wrong with the jetbrains mono font but changing it to source pro looks really good thx!
  2. Alrighty, so the fonts in clion running on arch are messed up.... I changed its runtime too the jetbrains jdk instead of openjdk and that fixed everything exept the terminal font, how do I stop it from going monospace mode?
  3. Alrighty ill give it a read through, if it is easier that would be cool cause xlib seems kinda massive / complicated...
  4. Alrighty, thanks for the docs and im definatly gonna go poke around at one to see the implementation.
  5. Alrighty so ill make this quick, cause im probably just being an idiot and cant find it. Does X11 have any C++ documentation / Learning material? If it does ill go read that, and if not could you point me in the general direction for learning how it all works/how to do the stuff below. If I can figure these out I should have a good enough understanding to do pretty much whatever I need to do so if general documentation dosent pan out hopefully someone knows something specific... - Simulating a keypress - Simulating mouse movement - Reading Keyboard i
  6. nvm i had originally done it right and i just had to delete the old build files for it to take
  7. I am rather new to the world of c++ and wanted to try making a super super basic speggeti code sprite based game cause why not, but I just switched off windows and now I gotta setup cmake.... How would one set it up for a situation like this. mainDir |_ Engine | | _ engine.cpp | | _ engine.hpp |_ Game | _ Main.cpp | _ Main.hpp Just for example, gonna be a few more files than that but same general file structure
  8. I figured it was a leak or something at first but after we cleaned it out it just kinda worked for the rest of that summer and the next with zero issue, now we are in the third summer from that point and im just really confused thinking back because wouldent dirty coils only lower the efficiency and with it the chance of freezing over? idk it was a while back maybe they replaced something and ive just forgotton...
  9. A few summers back it happend twice in a row, being serviced and topped off each time. I attached a picture of it but its an external unit.
  10. So our air conditioner has frozen over 4-5 times, the condenser itself is a "TRANE XR13". Does anyone here know what causes these freeze overs? Weird fix last year last year we grabbed a hose and attempted to wash out the coils and it worked perfectly, but just in case im gonna ask here if something else could be wrong or if we should just hose it down every year or two, i can pop off the side panels and clean it thoroughly if that makes a difference as well.
  11. I just wanna know if its possible to have this lock screen look on the login screen cause it looks nice...
  12. nvm ended up fixing itself
  13. I ran the BlurBusters frameskipping thingy while oc'ing my monitor and i discovered (at least i think) that it frameskips all the way down to 60hz... is there any way to double check this/fix it? Monitor:Zowie xl2536
  14. https://www.mediatek.com/products/broadbandWifi/mt7601#product-downloads For any one else lookin for this in the future the download is here. Credit to people who helped me find this