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  • Birthday 1992-06-17

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    Seattle, Washington, United States
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    Building PC's, Building Hobby-Grade RC Cars, Working on RL Cars


  • CPU
    AMD Ryzen 5 1600X - 3.975GHz @1.392V
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3 Rev 1.0
  • RAM
    XPG Gammix D10 16GB (8GBx2) DDR4 3000MHz - 3200MHz @1.355V - CAS 16-18-18-18-38
  • GPU
    MSI Gaming Twin Frozr GTX 980 - 1430MHz @1.202V
  • Case
    Cougar Panzer Max - 5 X Phanteks 140mm MP Fans + 2 X Phanteks 120mm MP Fans
  • Storage
    Samsung 960 EVO NVME 256GB SSD Boot Drive + Samsung 860 EVO 500GB SSD + WD 5400RPM 600GB HDD
  • PSU
    Corsair RM1000i
  • Display(s)
    Samsung MU6500 49" Curved Glass 4K Smart TV @60Hz (Gaming Mode)
  • Cooling
    Cryorig R1 Universal with upgraded Phanteks PH-F140 HP II Fans
  • Keyboard
    G.Skill Ripjaws KM780 RGB
  • Mouse
    G.Skill Ripjaws MX780 RGB
  • Sound
    Motherboard Audio
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Professional 64-Bit

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  1. WallacEngineering

    Idea for the Ultimate Zombie Survival Game

    Well I have played MineCraft and somehow it is just not my style of game. I tried playing for a few hours several times and I simply cannot get into it. The reason I want to add more of a fast paced Cod-like zombie system into 7 days to die is because that is exactly what 7 days to die was always missing. In 7 Days to Die, day-time Zombie Hunting is nearly non-existent and during most nights, you avoid Zombies to stay alive as well. This makes the game seem more focused on straight up survival than actual combat. Dont get me wrong, Ive been playing 7 Days to Die for years and I just picked up Black Ops 4 last night and both games are amazing and are worth the buy, but I feel like CoD is super "Arcade" while 7 Days to Die is super "Realism". What I mean by that is each game is too far in its own extreme direction when it comes to style of gameplay. So, why not have a balance of both that brings some nice realism to make a game very interesting, while also not being so realistic that the game is tedious and too difficult and complicated casual players? I feel like a game perfectly balanced in both realism and arcade fun can be found by creating a hybrid of the games in open world MMO with other players. I think it would end up being the greatest Zombie game of all time. And while I understand that destructable 3D environments are very difficult to program into a game, look at all the games that have it. It is not unreasonable in this day in age to request destructable 3D environments in a game. What I dont understand is the suggestion to make the two different game modes in to entirely seperate games. Why would you ever do that? I mean if you have the core campaign that plays similar to 7 Days to Die, then a simple copy-paste of the programming while changing only the pace of the gameplay and a few other details and wala, you have the other mode! It seems like developing an entirely new game for a copy-paste would be a rip-off for both the developers and the consumers.
  2. WallacEngineering

    Idea for the Ultimate Zombie Survival Game

    With Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 having just been released, we have yet another version of Zombie Survival from the biggest game franchise of all. But what if you are sick of playing the same style of Zombie Survival that has been around now for nearly a decade? Well, there are other options, however; CoD's Pack-A-Punch and Easter Eggs have made it one of the funnest Zombie Survival games ever to exist. Now I have my own idea for a Zombie Survival game that would not only be as fun as CoD's version, but also be more interesting and difficult such as more obsure Zombie Survival games like 7 Days to Die. Unfortunately, I wouldn't know the first thing about game development. I have no idea how to program, and I can't draw graphics worth anything. The only thing I could do is tell programmers what the levels and story should be like. So Im hoping a game developer notices this message one day and takes the project on because boy would this game be fun! So, the Idea... In short, a cross between CoD style Zombies, 7 Days to Die, and a touch of DayZ. The idea is open-world MMO Zombie Survival, where you would be required to craft weapons, ammo, armor, shelter, and defenses (7 Days to Die Elements). However, the hunger and thirst element would be removed as this would make the game far too difficult when considering all the other elements to the game. Unlike 7 Days to Die or DayZ, the zombies would be far more agressive and progress in strength, speed, and numbers as waves progress. Also, weapons would be upgradeable and one or two specialty weapons would be available through easter-egg completion (CoD Elements). The players would spawn in a large open-world map similar to maps used in Battle Royale games like PUBG and Fortnite. Each player could focus on building their defences up or could focus on trying to kill other players for their resources (DayZ Elements). However, with the zombies actively seeking players like CoD, attacking other players would be extremely risky but yeild high rewards. Finally, there would be two main game modes. The first would be a CoD style match, very fast paced and start to death would be finished in an hour or two. The other mode would be a persistent server, where you build up your saved game over time with other players, sort of like a 7 Days to Die Campaign. Ive wondered about building a game like this for many years, what do you guys think?
  3. So I decided to give C.R. England a chance to keep me as an employee to see if by any chance I could actually be assigned to a fleet that makes real money. Well, I'm glad I gave them a chance, because I have just been offered a dedicated route hauling live airbags used in automobile production that guarantees 6,000 miles a week and pays more than $60,000/year!

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    2. WallacEngineering


      Haha you wish I have PC's to build and a Ford Focus RS/ Honda Civic Type R to buy in 2019 ;)

    3. Jtalk4456


      so in 2020 you're sharing your riches. Good, I'll mark it on the calendar

    4. WallacEngineering
  4. So I'm a truck driver, and my girlfriend is interested in following my adventures to see where I'm at, seeing as I am a national driver and I have already done trips from California to Pennsylvania. She can see where I'm at on Facebook since I have "Nearby Friends" turned on, however it takes time for her to see this update and its very basic. We would like a way for her to pull up Google Maps, but see my location, and watch my little arrow go just like using navigation. Any ideas on this?
  5. Great news! I passed my truck driving final exam today! I am now an official Class A CDL holder!

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    2. Jtalk4456


      i mean from what I could tell they were well built, just don't work for them

    3. WallacEngineering


      Well its got a lot of dumb safety features like a collision warning system that will lock the brakes up in a construction zone because it will pick up barriers and cones as cars and think that you are going to hit them. Happened the other day in the middle of a corner, damn near jack-knifed the trailer in the middle of the highway!


      But yea its mainly C.R. England's programming is the main issue. So they had new drivers over-revving the engines beyond 2500 RPM, so they disabled the manual shifting and performance modes. As a result, with any kind of load this thing can't climb hills worth of shit. 30,000 lb load (which is fairly light considering maximum load is 44,000) and we struggle to do even 30 MPH up 4% grades. This is because the trucks are now stuck in "economy" mode ONLY and that means the truck is shifting too early, I rarely see it hit 1500 RPM even going up hills. Its a big problem.


      Turns out England is a POS company so I'm going to be looking into having another company buy me out of my contract here in a month or so.

    4. Jtalk4456



  6. Sorry I haven't been online in a while guys. I have been attending Semi-Truck Driving School and I am about to graduate. Also I have had no thread notifications lately.

    1. Jtalk4456


      i thought about doing that once, but i don't think i could keep myself awake past 8 hrs

    2. WallacEngineering


      Well it does take some self-dicipline, that is for sure.

  7. WallacEngineering

    AMD 2400G

    The 2400G has a very low TDP and therefore produces very little heat. Like most people here, I would say that the stock cooler is enough, even for mild overclocking. However, if you want to push the highest overclocks possible at 1.375-1.425V, then I would suggest a decent upgrade. Even with maximum OC you wouldn't need anything massive, just a decent 120mm cooler like the Arctic 33 or even just a Hyper 212 EVO. Remember that Overclocking the Ryzen 2400G is EXTREMELY common, because you can get more out of the graphics as well as the CPU, so bear in mind that OC in the future is very likely.
  8. WallacEngineering

    Meshify c case and my 1080 gtx high temps :(

    Firstly, CAM software is well known to be inaccurate. Its not terrible, but its certainly not even CLOSE to the most accurate. HWiNFO64 is widely accepted as the most accurate, so I would start by downloading that. Next, if there is any overclocking currently enabled, then disable it. GTX 1080's and 1080 TI's are known to run hot and most cant handle OC thermally without an extreme cooling solution. In fact the only 1080's on air cooling that Ive seen handle OC with decent temps is the Strix and EVGA Triple-Fan editions with dedicated bottom-mounted intake fans constantly providing fresh intake air to the cards. Thirdly, definitely adjust the fan curve to something more aggressive. Every default fan profile no matter the software or the card is ALWAYS optimized for silence, NOT performance. A decent curve I use with my GTX 980 is: 0-50C: 30%, 55C: 40%, 60C: 50%, 65C: 70%, 70C+:100%. Note: I have a dedicated bottom-mounted intake fan for my GPU + extreme case airflow with 7 upgraded Phanteks Case Fans, so don't expect my same temps. Results: During most gaming at High-Ultra settings @2560x1440, the fans don't even need to hit maximum speed, because most of the time it stays below 70C. This means the rig is near-silent even on air-cooling at full load or gaming, most of the time. During synthetic stress loads, the rig gets loud but CPU stays under 70C and GPU goes just above 70C maximum after 2 hours stressed separately. If you want info on my build, its in my build log in my signature. Keep in mind that replicating my airflow is impossible without spending quite the chunk of cash, so just use it for ideas. Its one of the most extreme Air-Cooling rigs on LTT, and that was its intended theme.
  9. WallacEngineering

    Thinking about picking up OnePlus 6

    Ah, well OnePlus doesnt have the most experience with software design so I suppose that is to be expected.
  10. WallacEngineering

    Thinking about picking up OnePlus 6

    Well see thats perfect for me. Ive been on Custom ROMs on my OP2 for the past 2 years. Currently running Carbon ROM based on the latest 8.1 Oreo. Great OS, tons of features, only issue is that it seems to drain more battery life. It is very nice to have Viper4Android effects though :). Ill probably try out the new Oxygen OS for the first few months on the OP6 (If its what I end up getting) and then maybe get a custom ROM after they have had time to develop and become stable. Its been so long since Ive used the factory OS that I cant even remember what it is like, but most reviews call it "nearly" stock Android, which is something I do appreciate. I cant stand the likes of all the Samsung Bloatware and resource-draining Touchwiz.
  11. WallacEngineering

    am4 cooler for ryzen 5 2600

    Lol I remember this video! This was hilarious!
  12. WallacEngineering

    Thinking about picking up OnePlus 6

    Ya its definitely at the top of my list as of now
  13. WallacEngineering

    Thinking about picking up OnePlus 6

    Another rumor site I just found suggests that the OnePlus 6 will feature the ability to disable the rear fingerprint reader and instead imbed the fingerprint sensor in the screen, much like the iPhone X. Oh boy, I really hope this isnt just a rumor. Thats a feature I have wanted for years, but is only just now becoming a reality in certain phones.
  14. WallacEngineering

    cpu and gpu heating often, what do i do?

    Seems like your temps are perfectly fine, you even have headroom for overclocking. A retest may be necessary just because CAM software is known to be innaccurate. I would download HWiNFO64 and monitor using this software.
  15. WallacEngineering

    Thinking about picking up OnePlus 6

    Yes, lol