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  1. dray32

    Where can you still buy a legit vista key?

    There is no way to buy one officially from Microsoft. You will have to find an original one.
  2. dray32

    Hdmi and DisplayPort

    Usually, the only way to get high refresh rates is through display port. What monitor do you have?
  3. dray32

    Good motherboard?

    It should be suitable for your use case.
  4. dray32

    Help with new pc

    Great, just plug things in and figure out what the problem is.
  5. dray32

    Help with new pc

    Maybe an issue with one of the components?
  6. dray32

    Help with new pc

    And also don't try to start your computer with that PSU anymore as it could fry any computer components connected to it.
  7. dray32

    Help with new pc

    I would get a new PSU.
  8. dray32

    What Do You Use Your Second Computer For?

    I use Plex on my other computer.
  9. dray32

    New here just have a quick question

    Welcome to the LTT forum!!
  10. dray32


    I'm in Texas so I eat a lot of Mexican food
  11. dray32


    You just made me hungry.
  12. dray32

    The WAN Show


  13. dray32

    Help When Installing Windows 10

    No brand new SSD. I am currently reinstalling windows on the USB because I tested it on a known good Windows 10 computer. My guess is the media creation tool didn't install all the files along the way, for example, it says that it is missing a file that wasn't there at the time of install.
  14. Hi, I understand that your Windows 10 keeps on installing old drivers for your NVDIA graphics card in your Windows 10 machine. To solve the same issue, please follow the steps given by Rohit Chettri dated April 29, 2015 and check if it helps. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/insider/forum/insider_wintp-insider_update/how-to-block-automatic-reinstall-of-a-driver-or/bff07224-4ce2-4b42-ab29-68c3a305d730 Please let me know if the issue is resolved or you need any further assistance. Thank you.
  15. dray32

    Help When Installing Windows 10

    When I try to install Windows 10 I get a message similar to this one. I am assuming that I need to reinstall Windows 10 onto my installation device.