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  1. if you could kill children the game would probably get banned entirely.
  2. use our community psu tier list, otherwise great build.
  3. I went from a 1080 to a 2080, its a noticeable bump. But I also switched to gaming at 1440p if youre itching to spend money upgrade your video card. the 8700k is still great for gaming
  4. I put your specs into the seasonic wattage calculator and it calculated a load wattage of 382W. I would say you should target a 500-550W PSU or better. I have no experience with SFF builds, I think corsair makes a good lineup. You can also check out our community PSU Tier List for suggestions on PSU's
  5. thats nice to hear thanks for the follow up
  6. probably last pass but google is so damn convenient...
  7. Is it overheating? what kind of temps do you get when its under load? also your power supply kinda scares me
  8. here is a great list of software for you. https://www.rankred.com/top-10-most-expensive-software-in-the-world/
  9. how are we supposed to help with the lack of information you provided us man
  10. definitely seems like your igpu is working fine but your dedicated gpu is having issues. does the artifacting happen right away or does it take awhile in games? (may be overheating)
  11. he means did you turn on the xmp profile in your bios for your ram
  12. Just so Im clear, your ram is fine running at 3200mhz CL16? then I would just leave it. In my opinion based on what ive seen, after about 3200mhz the returns on higher ram speeds start to diminish rapidly. the difference between 3200mhz and 3600mhz will be unnoticeable difference in real world apps, nice rig though
  13. AntiTrust

    new pc

    if you press the power button and nothing happens you have a power problem check your power supply is turned on check your power button is plugged into motherboard check your power supply cables are firmly connected to motherboard (both 24pin and 8 pin) recheck all components are seated properly if everything else fails test with a new power supply
  14. so it works fine for a few matches then starts to freeze up? is something overheating? check your temps on cpu/ gpu
  15. AntiTrust

    new pc

    so you press the power button and nothing happens? check that the power button is plugged in still
  16. which is an example of one of the few reasons to need to flash your bios doing it regularly is not a good idea. and like grockle said it will improve nothing on your gpu.
  17. A massive, capital letters NO Unless you NEED to, don't flash the bios on anything - motherboard or GPU. A Bios flash failure can brick your computer if it fails. some people will disagree and say that they dual bios / flash their bios all the time / its much safer now etc etc but theyre wrong and theyre giving inexperienced people bad, unsafe advice. Edit: Like Whiro said, if youre itching to do something to squeeze more performance out of your card you should definitely turn towards the much more risk/reward friendly overclocking
  18. damn, sorry OP I didnt know this
  19. could be alot of things. If you have access to a different computer try installing the gpu in it to see if your computer is the issue (for example a bad mobo) or test a different video card in the slot.
  20. I love that you made this a post like 5 years after it came out. It took me a sec to understand but you mean when you kill the enemies it drops like health and ammo and you don't like it. yeha I kinda thought that too when I played it, but thats doom
  21. so you dont care about any files on the laptop ? just download windows 10 and reinstall off of a usb key (boot from usb) as long as hardware is ok (it sounds like its fine) then you should have no issues from there. https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/software-download/windows10
  22. I updated my gpu-z to 2.29 like yours - I have a perfcapreason still. Is yours turned off in the settings? its really handy when your experiencing low gpu usage because it tells you what the limiting factor on your gpu is and can help you track down the issue. its a good starting point. may want to also get in contact with your gpu manufacturer for a possible RMA - (ie a return) they will have some advice for troubleshooting as well. may as well start getting in contact with them now as it can take forever to get a response.
  23. seconded. clear cmos will fix your problem. the best way toclear it is to connect the two pins on your mother board as shown in your manual. the quick and dirty way to do it is to pop out the watch battery and pop it back in after a couple seconds.