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  1. The person who sells the thing has to get it from somewhere though, right?
  2. Where would someone even get a card like that? Do they just get is from some random eBay seller? Are they that random eBay seller? Would they just find it in an AMD research building's dumpster?
  3. That's the same pair of pants with a hole in that side that I commented on several months ago!
  4. This is what I'm doing. You can't see much since I'm not doing much. I am not a multi-tasker at all. If I'm done with something I close it right away. There are a lot of things I could be running right now (Discord, CPUID Monitor, more tabs, etc.), but I'm not using them right this second so I don't have them running. When I'm done posting this reply I'll close this tab. I don't like it when my desktop is cluttered with too many programs and I don't like it when my Chrome window is full of millions of tabs.
  5. I have seen people get used to 10 FPS. My sister accidentally limited her FPS to 10 in a game and played it like that for months. I finally realized and fixed, she was confused and couldn't tell that I'd changed anything. It was one of my most infuriating moments as a computer enthusiast.
  6. Definitely! That would be really cool. I might actually find the WAN show a little more interesting then.
  7. I needed two tries to pass the learners' license theory test and I passed the road test first time.
  8. Is that what most people do? I don't see a lot of real-looking names in the YouTube comments section. I also see a lot of one-word names, is that what the whole "brand channel" thing is about, is that still how it works? Also, will "send mail as" also work for Google Hangouts?
  9. I can choose a nickname, but I can't show only that nickname, either it's between my first and last names, or it's after them, those are the only options.
  10. Whenever I leave a comment on a YouTube video, it shows my real name. I would prefer that this wouldn't happen, but all the tutorials for hiding your real name are from ~2013 and talk about Google+ and brand channels and are painfully out of date. As far as I can tell, the only way to do hide my real name is to change it in my Google settings, I don't want to do this since then every time I email someone they would see whatever nickname I chose for commenting purposes. Do I just have to make an account with a fake name and switch back and forth from it every time? That seems a bit annoying and clunky.
  11. Banned because this is the second time I've had to ban you.
  12. I've actually been wondering if there are any easter eggs in the new logo animation. Maybe this is one of them. I'm thinking of going through it frame by frame to see if anything else is amiss.
  13. I like to have all my stuff on my desktop where I can find it. My left screen (1920x1080) is for programs and things I actually need to use, I have almost everything there since I hate the Windows 10 start menu and having to click on it and then find what I want it more of a hassle than just using a desktop shortcut. The right screen is for little quick-access things I might need in a hurry and don't want to have to dive through a bunch of sub-folders for. Things like screenshots of Minecraft build prototypes, references, and anything I'm working on doing something with.
  14. The Minecraft forum. It wasn't toxic or nasty, it was just so sleepy. Barely anyone would post anything, and if you posted a thread, you could expect a comment in no less than about 3 days. If you had a problem you're left high and dry for ages until someone finally gets around to telling you how to fix it. I'm still technically a member of it, but I don't really post anything, it's not worth it.
  15. My current taskbar. I hate having lots of things running. If I'm done with something I will not hesitate to close it.
  16. All of my computers have been pre-builts that I've souped up. As such, things like the motherboard, case and PSU change all at once. My current computer doesn't have any of the orginal parts I put in my first computer (all though I still have the old thing). In my first computer (that I actually tinkered with), I upgraded the RAM, then added a graphics card, then a new boot drive, then another new GPU, and then an SSD (and added a storage drive) and a new CPU (in some order I can't remember). The SSD, the GPU, and the storage drive got transferred to my new computer when I got it, but I consider this to be my second computer. If I had a more typical set up with individually upgradable parts, I would probably not consider it a new computer until I change a number of significant things, such as maybe the motherboard and case, for example.
  17. That would indeed be ideal, however as a high school student with no job (and the job market the way it is and will likely remain for a while), doubling my budget just isn't really feasible at this juncture. I might be able to sell my existing computer as well as the GPU, but I don't think that would net me $300. You bring up a good point though, and maybe I should just bide my time for a while longer until I can build my own system, especially since that is what I really want. The catch is that a new system wouldn't really do me much good with my monitor as that is what has become the bottleneck. This means I would also have to factor in the cost of a new display, preferably of a higher or refresh rate, into my budget.
  18. Except that my current setup is already capable of running whatever I can currently throw at it Minecraft-wise. I really only need a new GPU if I go for 4K.
  19. Okay, so say I sell the SSD and the 1030, the SSD might fetch $20 if I'm lucky and the card would go for around $70 (would be my best guess). So now that leaves me with a total of $390. A Kingston A400 of the same capacity is $40. And with a $212 GPU I'm left with less than $140 to buy a 4K TV... Yeah, not looking good.
  20. I think you may have misread $300 as $600 since I have no idea where you got that "$600 Canadian" from. Additionally, a GTX 1650 is not good if it leaves only ~$50 for a 4K TV. The system runs just fine right now with the GT 1030, I would only need the 1050 or 1650 if I upgraded the display.
  21. I'm looking to upgrade some part of my setup sometime soon and I'm stuck between peripherals and actual parts. My current load-out is an i5-4570 with 8 GB of RAM in an HP EliteDesk 800 G1 (an SFF case, so not large GPUs) with a 120 GB DRAM-less ADATA SSD and a 1 TB Seagate HDD for storage, Oh, and for graphics I have a GT 1030. On top of the desk I've got an old 1080p HP monitor and 1280x1024 Dell Clunker I use as an auxiliary display. My mouse and keyboard are basic affairs from HP and Dell respectively. My first impulse for an upgrade would be to get a cheap (maybe second hand) 4K TV and use software to split it up into smaller virtual displays; the problem is, I don't know if my GPU could handle 4K, or even half of that. I don't play any demanding games, really all I play is Minecraft, but if you load it up with ~40 mods, it can get to be tough slogging for a wimpy 30 watt card. So if I upgraded to a 4K TV I might need to get a GTX 1050 or 1050 Ti, this might not bode well for my 240W PSU or my low-profile only case (although I'm willing to Jerry-rig). Oh, and the PSU is non-standard, so no upgrading. I know that there will probably be a bunch pf people telling me to upgrade my RAM, which thankfully I could do thanks to the two empty slots, but I haven't encountered any issues with having "only" 8 GB, so I think I'm good for now. I would really like to upgrade the mouse and keyboard to something a bit more flashy, but since the existing ones work just fine, it's hard to justify when other upgrades could give me more tangible benefits. Currently my budget is around $300 CAD, but it may grow somewhat in the future.
  22. I did this too, the computer was asleep and I thought it was shut down, thankfully there were no lasting ill-effects.
  23. Am I the only one who feels like he got the beard idea from the Hasksmith? Linus visits him and shortly after tries to grow a similar beard...
  24. That's a really nice case. I like the open "plate" style in cases, and this is a good example of that.
  25. I don't get why they did this for Minecraft Bedrock edition and not Java Edition. The Java Edition is far more popular, has been around for much longer, has tons of maps, texture-packs, and mods, and is (in my opinion) the superior form of Minecraft. But it doesn't really matter for me anyway since I'm not likely to get an RTX graphics card any time in the next 8 years or so.