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  1. I would recommend a pfSense, https://www.pfsense.org/ old PC with a couple NIC's in it, this can make sure your traffic is passed first and all others basically wait, this will improve ping times, the old PC can be a simple Atom processor with 1gig ram, dumpster diving is a great place to get such a machine.if you want another option Ubiquiti Edgerouter is a prosumner class router which uses a variant of Vyatta, I am a great fan of PfSense, easy to setup and lots of expansion options. The WiFi part of your network I would hand off to a simple access point and not use a Router-Wifi Combo
  2. if you are the only one using 5Ghz and the 5Ghz spectrum in is clean, then you should get a better experience as there will be less collisions and re-transmissions. WIFI uses CSMA (Carrier Sense Multiple Access) if you are the only using that band them you should see a marginal difference, however, it sounds like you want something a little more aggressive so combine this is a router capable of QOS and / or traffic shaping and you should get the results you are looking for.
  3. EC12

    Thread For Tech Quickie Video Suggestions

    Optimizing WiFi, What is Noise Floor?, SNR? QAM? etc., Why not to just use Max Power and 80 Mhz Channel and best of all; just use hard line Ethernet. I think most here get it but would be great video to point friends to, I get this question on a almost daily basis
  4. EC12

    Best cheap monitors

    Try Searching eBay for Crossover monitor or Wasabi Mango. some pretty interesting items.
  5. EC12

    1080P 24" vs 40" 4k vs 19 " 720P

    You can get a 4K display 40inch of eBay (Korean Wasabi Mango), with a DP & HDMI input and 4:4:4 Chroma @ 60Hz This is very important at lot of TV's do not support this., very low lag, with 100% scaling (Normal) it looks like 1920X1080 on a 24 Inch Monitor with a lot more screen real estate, I switched from a 32 Inch @ 2560x1440, to 3 of these and have not looked back, The color reproduction is a little variable but if you are using it for things which do not need perfect color it is barley noticeable. I have had 3 of these for a about 2 years and not an issue. Yes I was worried they would be questionable when I ordered them, but would not give them up now. Hope this helps.
  6. EC12

    Ping lowers with router reset but why?

    Just throwing this out there, if you have an old PC (can be really old) and a couple NIC's make the consumer router a simple wireless AP and spin up a pfSense box as your router, it will give you complete control of traffic flow and excellent firewall / ad blocking options etc; Once you try pfSense you will not look back. Take a look here. https://www.pfsense.org/