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    i5 7400
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    gigabyte b250m gaming 3
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    12gb ddr4 ram
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    gtx 1060 3g OC
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    shitty one
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    samsung 960 evo
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    850 wireless microsoft
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    Logitech G pro
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    windows 10 , Mac os

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  1. hey a quick update ******************************** i got it working on windows but i can install shadowsocks plugins on mac anyone know how to do it ?
  2. I got a friend able to do it he told me using shadowsocks simple-obfs but that seems complicated so am asking if there is a simple way
  3. No not speed it’s quota if u visit certain sites u get counted as 0.5 those include facebook YouTube etc
  4. my data plan gives 2x mb for some sites so is there an easy way to make all sites look like they are facebook for exampple to the carrier? i know shadowsocks obfs is an option but tried to get it to work and failed so what are the easy options?
  5. i stopped being a fan of their hardware but still their software is the best Mac os is better than windows in everyway for my personal use and for most people (except gamers) and is much more stable , i am using a hackintosh and still have less problems than i do with windows installed ios is for me alot better than android but i haven't used a high end android phone in the last 3 years so i can not judge being more stable or not or faster or not but their iphone / ipad line is very good now imo (not looking at prices which r fucking ridiculous)
  6. i gott all thsoe ids what do i do with them
  7. m.yurizaki stated some easything but if you want to make alot of money you have to work so maybe learn graphics design or front-end web dev it would take a couple months to be good at but then you can get more than 1500
  8. HI . so am stuck on setting up a vpn called Streisand am stuck here : https://github.com/StreisandEffect/streisand/blob/master/documentation/AZURE.md in the credentials step idk what to do can any one help pls
  9. but why would you want to use this over google chrome or firefox
  10. try posting this ti tonymacx86 cause i dont think alot of people here know alot about hackintosh
  11. but am thinking maybe i could get a slower , cheaper wifi and get a 25 gb pack for normal use except youtube and use wifi for youtube and downloads and updates