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    DevOps Engineer


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    Intel Core i7-8700K 3.7Ghz
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    Asus Prime Z370-A
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    G.Skill Ripjaws V Red DDR4 2400 PC4-19200 CL15
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    windows 10 pro
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  1. lacion

    Your 8 char random password now means nothing

    that is correct, but maybe missing a bit on the advancements of the last 2/3 years here. if you see the official hashcat benchmarks, they were doing about 13000 H/s with 8 1080 a few years ago, the link above was on 43000 H/s with 4 1070, i just ran the benchmark locally on my 2080ti and am getting 40000 H/s with a single card. on hashcat 5.x without the new branch making use of the new tensor cores on the rtx series cards. and 2080ti is a lot cheaper than a tesla card or a Quadro meaning having farms of this thing churning hashes just became a lot more cheaper.
  2. lacion

    Your 8 char random password now means nothing

    131H/s on blowfish is very slow, compared to for example https://www.netmux.com/blog/how-to-build-a-password-cracking-rig they were getting 43551 H/s on 4 1070 GPU´s the article has a very long list of what was possible with that hardware and a lot of different algo´s
  3. lacion

    Your 8 char random password now means nothing

    in the case of hashcat they support over 200 algo´s, the NTLM benchmark is the most recent branch for the next version 6.x they have not optimized or tested more just yet, but so far everything indicates all other algo´s are going to get a pretty significant boost. the thing to note here is that the new 2080 cards are bringing hardware with capabilities now at a much cheaper cost than before, and we're just getting started.
  4. lacion

    Your 8 char random password now means nothing

    yours assuming they're just a few passwords leaks, the truth is we don't even know the extent of password gathering nowadays. we can't assume anymore, so its just better to not only use different passwords but try to use as many characters as possible.
  5. lacion

    Your 8 char random password now means nothing

    not really, this is an offline attack, not an online one, you will be out of luck if you happen to use one or more than the several big sites that have been breach recently.
  6. lacion

    Your 8 char random password now means nothing

    that's an online attack, this is an offline attack if the attackers have the hash of the password they can simply churn it on their local computer.
  7. the new benchmark for hashcat means that now the entire keyspace or every possible combination of upper, lower, numbers, symbols of an 8 character password can be guessed in 2.5 hours using x8 2080 ti´s they now can do more than 100GH/s with a single compute unit, for comparison, a 1080ti can't even do half of that. this now means that is within the realm of possibilities that any attacker that get his hands on any of the big site password leaks can churn you hashed password and get it within in days(or less depending on hardware) if your using a perfectly random password, if you use a name or a word within your password means they pretty much can get it instantly. so if you have a complex save password of 8 characters or less is now time to go and change it everywhere as is no longer save especially given the latest password leaks (https://www.cnet.com/news/massive-breach-leaks-773-million-emails-21-million-passwords/) source: the source code for this is now available on github
  8. lacion

    Vr with ryzen

    you can play those VR games with that CPU and GPU ok, but don't spect max graphics settings and 50% supersampling.
  9. that is not simply true, it been demonstrated over and over than a degree only shows that you paid for the education and not much else.
  10. correct there may be specific where a degree may be a requirement. but personally, I would stay away from any job that values more what a piece of paper says that the value you give to a company.
  11. lacion

    what will happen to LMG far into the future?

    it looks from what they do and their comments that LMG is a well-run company, and as such, they have long term plans, I think floatplane is an example of that. but even so, any long term plan is but an idea yet come into fruition. it will probably evolve and change that if they told you to know it will be null in time. also, lots of companies keep running way long after their founders leave, in the end, is just business.
  12. a degree won't land you a high paying job anywhere, having a piece of paper that says what you studied will not land you a good job, your attitude and your knowledge will. I had lead/technical managing position in a few bay area startups and had gone through the pain of having to hire for several terminal positions. not once I or any of my colleagues check for a degree or were someone studied. we pretty much look at experience. if the position was very junior we just look at knowledge and attitude (things like, is the candidate curious, or has he bothered looking at what technologies we use, is he knowledgeable about them. a lot of the time we ask technical problem-solving questions were we want to hear things like... I don't really use that but I can look here and there for the answers. maybe using X, Y or Z) P.S I don't mean studying a degree is a waste of time, it will teach you a lot, but in the end what career or degree you choose won't be a limiting factor on what job and pay you can get. as an example I major in art and work most of my youth in the VFX industry, for the past decade i been working as a software engineer in the bay area. I know lots of other engineers that come from vastly different backgrounds, it also happens in other positions like PM´s and PjM´s
  13. lacion

    Someone is hacking my server,I need your help

    don't do that.... its ugly and accomplishes absolutely nothing. fail2ban, don't use password auth, use cert based auth and keep your cert with a password. if you want more tight security use your firewall/iptables to only allow the traffic the server needs to use in and out. if you have a static ip you may want to limit ssh access to a specific IP.
  14. what you are describing sounds a lot like foreman or cobbler, not sure if that's what you are talking about. ubuntu also has a software for that called MAAS. all of this is *nix world not sure if they work with windows. but im sure windows server has a provisioning system.
  15. lacion

    Server Names

    that advice would have been awesome to whoever decided to make elasticsearch (2.x and bellow) to use random marvel hero names as server names on startup.... yes on startup meaning you get a new name on restart if you did not manually setup them up beforehand. on that note, for something at home I usually use either planet/moon names or weather elements as my servers/workstation names (for example IO or Thunder) if its for work i usually use a naming scheme something along [Datacenter][physical/virtual][prod,QA,UAT][purpose][number] like PLAPPSRV001Physical or Virtual: POS Flavor: LDevice Function: APPSRVDevice Number: 001