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    AMD 3900x 12 core
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    CORSAIR - Vengeance RGB PRO 32GB 3200ghz
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    asus rtx 2070
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    system boot samsung 960 m.2 nvme m.2 / and 1tb ssd
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    dell 1440p 144mhz and /lg 4k
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    corsair h115i pro liquid
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    win 10

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  1. Interesting that's annoying So when you uninstall it it works one but then you have no sound? My mouse and keyboard work through icue to so that kinda sucks Wonder if it matters what gpu drivers I have installed?
  2. Mostly CS:go and day of defeat And I have a 12 core 3900x paired with a RTX 2070 I think on low settings it's just over powering? Lol
  3. So it could be fixed with update?
  4. oh.. well that's not good?!
  5. its using more cpu gpu and better frame rates before maxing out settings and turning everything up it was barely using gpu and cpu and frame rates were much lower i just think its funny it dont work well till i turn everything up ... its like the cpu and gpu are saying we aren't wasting our time till you give us some real work lol
  6. does anyone have a pc that games better if you max out your settings in a game? if so what do you have for hardware and what do you play just wondering?
  7. i will say this much 8 min 4k video render and exports in 12 min cant complain
  8. well my only problem with that is i dont want to go back to r15 just to have the same problem .. its so weird no one else seems to have this problem .. i may just contact black magic
  9. only resolve ever sense i upgraded all of my other programs or apps have been opening and starting much faster then usual but not resolve!
  10. still have plenty of room on c drive and nothing really running in the background i never do have anything running when i open resolve this is driving me nuts i seem to be the only one that has this problem!? lol
  11. yea 15 and 16 i had 15 then did the upgrade to 16 . then i upgraded my computer fresh instill of windows 10 and r16 and didnt seem to matter still opening so slow it drives me nuts trying to figure out how to fix it
  12. nope anything saved in the program itself gets deleted after its rendered and saved in another location i try to keep the system freed up
  13. yea mine is on my nvme boot drive so i have no idea why its taking so much longer to load
  14. so i've uninstalled and reinstalled and even made sure davinci resolve was installed on same drive as boot drive fast samsung 960 evo m.2 drive i've asked this question before but no real help on it .... just recently upgrade my ram and my cpu from 6 core to 12 core and figured that would help it should open faster but no! so it takes 1 min and 19 sec to open i've timed it its so slow ... and the one person that responded before only replied that theirs opens in like 30 sec and the specs of his computer i think were way behind mine so anyone know how i can fix this to make