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  1. I know we don't do ebay links but just put XMS2 in there
  2. Thanks my friend. I'll check that thread out first then get on the bitfenix site
  3. If i'm not at work i can spend 16 hours a day on mine...
  4. What's the model of the server? You may be able to find a schematic and get the pin outs from the front plug. then it's just a case of wiring up a cheap wall wart of similar output. Don't forget though the left/right pins will be reversed on the front panel compared to the pinouts on the server base
  5. Buzz your way through some GN reviews. I think by this time they're the 'Defacto' case review channel now
  6. Hi Folks. Just a quicky about the ARGB fans in my Nephew's new PC. He's using the Bitfenix Nova TG Mesh with the 4 ARGB fans that are coming included. I'm still waiting on shipping on the case so can't look directly. His Motherboard is the MSi Tomahawk MAX B450 which i DO have in hand and have seen it has two RGB headers on it (for control through Mystic Light I pressume). The question is as follows: Will i be able to use an ordinary RGB splitter cable (say the Corsair one) to connect the ARGB fans to the Motherboard? Does anyone know if the Nova TG comes with an RGB controller? I couldn't see a button for it in the pics online. Thanks for any help it would be much appreciated
  7. Didn't know how many of you guys were subbed to this guy
  8. The Keyboard on the 2000 wouldn't look out of place on a modern rig. Is it mechanical at all?
  9. Then it's not your page file. That's one off the list
  10. The only other thing it could be is the single stick of 2133MHz RAM. But that's very unlikely UNLESS it's not set up in BIOS correctly
  11. Hold the win key and press 'R' type 'control' and hit enter Click Large Icons in top right Hit System in the new window Click advanced settings in the left panel in new window hit 'settings' under performance Click 'change' under the advanced tab Then make sure Automatic is checked like this
  12. Defo seems to be happening while loading something. How much RAM do you have? What HDD/SSD are you using? What Virtual Memory settings are you using? Edit: Typo on SSD
  13. Wait I'm dumb. It says it is an FX5200 on the S-Video port edit: typo
  14. FX5200 maybe? It's AGP era i know that. Maybe an FX7200
  15. I've got an i5-650 in an itx board i'm planning to use as the recycler on my Sim-Rig once i've built it
  16. NVIDIA Quantum Effects. Must have been from before the PhysX buy out
  17. Yeah i know. My Dad and I pulled it out the Mega Drive ourselves
  18. How's about this sweet old lady then? I can't decide on key chain or neck chain to be honest
  19. I like that! I may steal it one day lol
  20. I HAD to install XP. I couldn't get 98 to play with my 2400+ at the time Edit: Glad i did too