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  1. Hi I am trying to get Crysis Warhead running on a Windows XP machine. I need the old Bin32 files with proper game extension in it. Can't seem to find it online. My GOG copy offline installer only has the Bin64 file in it. Runs great on Windows 10. XP machine is for retrospective only. Also to have fun with it. Crysis Wars ran off of my Crysis Bin32 file. At least the menu did. It might do the same thing that Crysis Warhead did, go to a black screen after Single player command after movie plays, no loading screen. Original crysis runs fine with it's Bin32 file exe for Crysis. Warhead and Wars only have Bin 64. Another way to stop XP or at least try to stop XP completely. What sucks is that I have Windows 10 machines with 32 bit OS's, well one. 64 bit is where everyone should be, but don't stop a game from working on a old OS that originally supported it. They are blocking 32 bit OS's as well as XP. At least on Chrome. Wonder if this happens on 32 bit Windows 10.
  2. I have used this patch on everything.Works with Intel integrated graphics too.
  3. Yamagi Patch. Works on GOG and Steam Versions. Easiest way to find it is on Steam. Windows 10 will block it. So, continue anyway after more info and install it into the appropriate folder. I will include the folder with thew Self extractor extension. Sorry, can't file is too big. File is 269 MB, LTT only allows 20MB. I did try. Here is the link. https://www.dropbox.com/s/00t0plbmn66u55k/Quake%20II%20Patch.exe?dl=0 Hope this helps anyone with the quake 2 problem with fullscreen. This brings you to Steam page right before you leave to download the extension. after downloading, extract to the quake2 folder using the extension. You will need to know where Quake II folder is. Patch works in Windows 10 on GOG and Steam installations. Also has music. Awesome patch.
  4. Hi, Running Windows 10 64 bit and can't get the GOG version of Quake 2 to run in fullscreen on my laptop. does anyone know haw to get opengl support and fullscreen support? Intel 4000 is only option.
  5. Tried every compatibility setting. Works on the Windows 10 machines.
  6. The Initial Launcher opens. I'll click on run. Then I get the error. I have a E8500, HD 7970, 4GB @ 1333MHZ with a 32bit version of Windows XP service pack 3. I installed it off of the GOG offline installer that I used Windows 10 to download. That was a 64bit version. Quake The offering works that I also got off of GOG in a offline installer. Does anyone have a solution?
  7. Activation servers are still up believe it or not, The phone thing is still present too. It will also update to the last update. It may be necessary to activate XP. I'm just running older games. Also I just want something to start that I won't update or go online with. Ya it sounds stupid to use XP but GOG offline installers are great for old games. Far Cry, F.E.A.R., Unreal Tournament to name a few. No hacking to get a older game to run the way it should. EAX is disabled in F.E.A.R.. Stuff goes on. If anyone acn get EAX to work for Surround sound, that would be awesome. Anyway just to go from a E8500 to a Q9650 to have some fun, and never worry about updating XP system. Just turn it on and run with it. I think that 6 hardware changes trigger a reactivation. I also know not to run it online as a daily driver. Some older games require flash player. Can't even download that with Windows 10. Security threat. Why I don't know,but it is. XP downloaded it with Chrome, (Old Version). The game that wouldn't work was a indy kina puzzle game called Dream Chronicles. It requires Flash Player for some weird reason. Only works on XP because of flash player. The crap goes on. Windows 10 is best for everything else. At least they learned with it to tie the activation to the motherboard. Good reason to hate DRM. There are XP only games too. I will probably get away with it, but if I don't, I will use the phone to activate it. Service still works. Just say 1 when it asks how many computers, because there is only one anyway. You can probably lie to it anyway. I'll just try the CPU swap and see what happens when I get it.
  8. Will Windows XP need reactivation after a CPU upgrade? Windows XP pro retail. I know that Windows was a pain in the ass with activation before Windows 10. Been so long that I forgot.
  9. Ya, First time getting into it. Think I waited till the right time. That game is fun. Didn't think I could like keyboard and mouse for a game, but it is needed for that game. Cores help. Don't know what original specs were. After dinput8.dll it runs nice on Windows 10. Before that it was 8 to 10 FPS, a failure. It does take advantage of hardware speed. That's why 4k is possible with a GTX 1660 and a I7-3770. That's all I have on my main machine, unless I count FX 8350 with my R290x. I like early to mid Intel. Sure does beat out FX series in a lot of ways. In Fact I got the lawsuit thing in the mail about the FX Series misleading people. Both were good for gaming. I am into retroactive kind of stuff. F.E.A.R. looks great for it's time. Yes I can see why people play F.E.A.R. . Also a reason to use XP. EAX sound. I have a Audigy 2 Value that I can stick into a PCI slot. I don't think EAX works in Windows 10 with F.E.A.R. Ya, EAX is greyed for Windows 10. Audigy 2 Value Supports EAX. May be another reason for CPU cores of Q9650. Good setup for time game was made and used. Alot of reasons for a XP rig can be found on Phil's Computer Lab. Other thing that I noted, It stalls during checkpoint saves. probably because of hard drive use for GOG games, and emulators on I7-3770 rig. I have 2 SSDs and one Hard drive. The Z220 with a I3-3240 loads in a snap because of Adata SU850 1TB SSD. I don't know how redundant they are, but Hard drives on a XP machine seem more practical because of expense. If SSD is like the Flash Drive I use to play music in my car, data will disappear on SSD. Time will tell with SSD VS. HDD. Oh well Back ups everywhere including many machines. XP, no cloud, DRM free hopefully. DRM kills games. (EA). Just rambling now. How many XP games can I activate because of DRM? Kind of feels like a big middle finger. WTF physical copy DRM. No Steam XP, DRM. At least GOG has offline installers or games would die and be forgotten. At least GOG has F,E.A.R. and other XP era games. Even going back to DOS and SCUMMVM. I will see what F.E.AR. is like with more cores when it comes in for XP, also want to see what EAX is like in 7.1 surround.
  10. Going back onto subject, I now think that cores help. This is based on testing different systems. Also with different OSs'. Game looks real nice in 4k 60 with Vsync enabled to play without tearing. My 50" LG can run 1080p 120Hz. Wonder what that is like. XP machine might do that OK. I'll find out when i change the CPU. Remember double cache 12 MB, Double cores 2 @ 3.16GHz, 4 @ 3.0GHz. The speed isn't that different, but the cache is. Wolfdale vs. Yorkdale cores. Hope this thread has a lot of useful info in it. This has been a fun experiment so far. Also shows how tech has advanced over the years.
  11. Hack works with GOG and Steam. dinput8.dll Or you can run F.E.A.R. in XP. Also on different PCs, there is a performance gain on faster duel cores, and it works with quad core CPUs like my I7-3770 without a problem. Remember, the game was designed for XP and that is why the dinput8.dll needs to be added for newer versions of windows. There is more than likely nothing to do with optimization. Typical 1080p setting not changed ran a minimum of 189 FPS, Average of 398 FPS, and Maxed at 888 FPS. 4k nothing changed from default was 143 FPS minimum, 239 average, and 422 Maximum 4k everything at Maximum set as shown is 76 FPS minimum, 127 Average,and 237 Maximum. The XP Machine with standard default at 1080p was 63 Minimum, 116 Average, and 218 Maximum Now, The Windows 10 Machine with the I3-3240 were as follows, 101 FPS Minimum, 229 FPS Average, and 486 FPS Maximum.
  12. All tests for 4k are done in Windows 10 with Direct Input hack. For some reason the game takes over 2 minutes to start. Could be because it's on a hard drive, and I'm used to everything running on SSDs on that machine.
  13. These are results in 4k with everything turned on. Features are shown. I7-3770, GTX 1660, 16GB @1600MHz. Low 76 FPS, no Stutters.