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Sakib Al Saba

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    Miami, United States
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    Gaming I Tech Enthusiast I Computer I Tech I Networking I Software Engineering I PC Modding I Engineering I Hacking I Music I Travel I Cooking I Language Learning
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    21 years old. born in Dhaka Bangladesh. Name is Sakib Al Saba. Currently on the path to become a software engineer. I like gaming. Apart from being a tech savvy and enthusiast I like modding pc and kinda obsessed with the habit of having the best technology available on the market. I also like to travel, cook, listen to music and learn new languages. And married to programming.
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  1. we all have heard the rumour that apple might release a device capable of charging phones over the air, well that might just be possible very soon. it's invented by Energous and this technology had been approved by the FCC. what it does is it uses a radio frequency to transmit to a certain device at a distance using a field transmitter called WattUp which the company claims can charge a device which is equipped with a WattUp receiver. The original article is from tomsguide. here's the link : https://www.tomsguide.com/us/energous-wireless-charging-fcc-approval,news-26302.html This is my very first post here on LTT forum