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    i7-3770k @4,5GHz
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    ASRock Z77 Extreme6
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    Kingston 4x4GB
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    R9 290
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    NCXT s340
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    Samsung 840 Series Basic
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    Corsair TX 650
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    BenQ XL2411T + Asus ML248
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    Corsair H110i gt
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    Corsair Vengance K70
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    Logitech G502
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    Custom Quadraphonic setup
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    Windows 10

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  1. Are you sure the left Windows key gets replaced and not the right one? I am a heavy user of the left Windows key and can only find pictures where the right one got replaced. BTW Great post as always!
  2. The two main reasons for me are: Apps - Software for our 24/7 monitoring is only available on Android. The customizability - I want to change the look of the OS as much as I like.
  3. The new HTC Vive Pro will feature: dual 1440x1600 OLED screens (78% increase over current Vive) will be lighter and more comfortable (including for glasses wearers) built in audio is getting an upgrade It will be released this quarter and be compatible with v1 lighthouses. I think this is a great version two and backwards compatibility is always great. But I fear that with the PRO name the price will also be "pro". Source: https://blog.vive.com/us/2018/01/08/htc-vive-raises-bar-premium-vr-new-vive-pro-upgrade-wireless-vive-adaptor/
  4. Ryan believes there was an error in testing Fallout, thats why I wrote he will retest Fallout again.
  5. The final pcper review is here: https://www.pcper.com/reviews/Graphics-Cards/Radeon-Vega-Frontier-Edition-16GB-Air-Cooled-Review Very Interesting and worth a look! The Fallout 4 Benchmark was corrected everything else seems to be the same. And finaly from the professional standpoint it looks a bit better. Professional Benchmarks: Bonus: Nude Vega https://www.pcper.com/news/Graphics-Cards/Radeon-Vega-Frontier-Edition-GPU-and-PCB-Exposed -----------------------------------------------------
  6. My biggest problem is: If you visit the site the article is listed under "Latest Reviews" without any indication that it could be an ad.
  7. After the RollerCoaster Tycoon World debacle I have no faith in the Atari CEO...
  8. You can't hotlink videocardz pics. They only show if you already viewed the image. So only you can see the pic, because you obviously watched it already
  9. It is a mouse pad, how should they change the design... They are all flat with a raised USB-port