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  1. And maybe 120fps at 1080p if possible. There are many 4k TV which support 120Hz at 1080p.
  2. Can something like this benefit games streaming over the internet? The technique feels like a high quality video compression but for video games.
  3. I'm part of his 9 years old army, although I'm 26 years old. He makes good videos from time to time. The last one was about Betterhelp.
  4. I have the update and it definitely fixed the Netflix and fixed Amazon Prime video playing issue. Before the update I had to use Intel iGPU to watch Netflix.
  5. Unfortunately the service still not accessible in my region (outside USA). I tried registering and paying for the subscription but it asked for a US zip code :(. I could ented a fake code but i'm not sure if i can bypass their geoblock.
  6. I'm starting to think these companies are intensionally screwing things up to get more propaganda when they fix/change it.
  7. I have Netflix subscription and the prices still 7.99-9.99-11.99 USD in my country.
  8. Is the inconsistency of Geekbench really this big? or it's something else could cause this big of a difference?
  9. You need this type of adapter for it:
  10. I think gifting a drone or robot that can be controlled through a smartphone will be cool.
  11. That's awesome. Which one perform better? Cemu or Dolphin?
  12. What hardware do you use to run it? I have i5 4690 & r9 380x and the fps hovers in the 20s.