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  1. If you're just going to run programs on one monitor at a time (and not try to stretch them across both) then two monitors with different resolutions will work just fine.
  2. One of the most concerning things in the article is this: About 95% of Bioware was developing Dragon Age during Anthem's pre-development , and by the end they had people dropping out in what they called "emotional casualties", where team members would just disappear for months because it was so stressful to work at such an insane pace. TO THE POINT that some devs wanted their game to fail in order to prove a point. The sad thing is that this will probably be the last game Bioware ever makes as EA is notorious at shutting down "under-performing" studios.
  3. I'm going to link this video that LTT did about a year ago I skipped over the gaming results and went straight to the productivity results. The conclusion is that faster ram can give you a performance edge, but not enough to make it worth the money It's for those looking to squeeze every ounce of power out of their machine when their budget is essentially unlimited.
  4. His solution is the only one. SSE3 is a CPU instruction set. If his CPU doesn't support it then there is nothing more to do than replace it with a newer CPU. EDIT: Meant SSSE3. I'm going to guess that his friend has an AMD Phenom, which doesn't support it.
  5. Most of it is from kickbacks that are given to Honey from merchants whenever you use the service. You can read more about it here: https://help.joinhoney.com/article/30-how-does-honey-make-money They also claim to not give out data or info to third parties, with the exception of payment details when purchasing through Honey.
  6. It appears that the Magewell Pro Capture Quad HDMI does: https://www.magewell.com/products/pro-capture-quad-hdmi It is quite expensive though.
  7. Okay, then yeah what Golden said above. You'll need either a 4 input capture card if all sources are using HDMI or a 2 input card + two usb webcams
  8. All of those at the same time? Or have the ability to swap between them?
  9. Okay so the I5-6400 has support for ddr4 memory, so you'll be fine just replacing the RAM.
  10. Do you know what your CPU is? Task manager should tell you. Unfortunately DDR4 is not backwards compatible, so unless you already have a cpu+motherboard that support DDR4 you'll have to replace both in order to use the new memory.
  11. The issue is that you're streaming at 144 fps in OBS. That is way too many frames for it to render. I'd recommend dropping it down to 60fps. It won't impact your game's framerate, only the stream's. Youtube and Twitch don't even support anything over 60 fps (as far as I'm aware) so the viewers won't even notice.
  12. This is Nvidia's official way to do it: https://www.nvidia.com/object/IO_13955.html However DDU is both easier and will remove it entirely (sometimes Nvidia's way doesn't)
  13. You're going to want to use DDU (Display driver uninstaller). https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html It will completely remove all traces of your Nvidia driver so that you can reinstall it.
  14. It appears you are not the only one having issues with this watch after updating it to Android Wear 2.0. I found this discussion on it: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!msg/android-wear/mHcrPKzU_sY/aG6nGSq3BgAJ You may be able to find a solution there.
  15. Yes the monitor your are looking at does support Freesync through Display Port. Right now there is not data on the compatibility of G-sync with this monitor, but so far it seems that most monitors work fine with it. Given that it's a higher end model and not some cheapo $80 one I'd expect it to run fine.
  16. Actually we don't. Taiwan is considered separate for trade, even though the US technically doesn't officially recognize it as a country. However trade from Taiwan will still be impacted since most of their exports are intermediary (roughly 78% according to the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research) , meaning that they ship components out to another country (mainly China) where they are then assembled. TL;DR Yes these cards will be affected by tariffs. Whether that price will be passed onto the consumer or if the AIB partners will absorb it is yet to be seen.
  17. People appear to be misunderstanding the problem: It's NOT an internet issue, instead it's a system problem where it causes huge amounts of microstuttering on your screen. I've been experiencing this as well and to the best of my knowledge there is not solid fix for it. According to other forums I've been reading, it appears to be either an issue with Windows and how it manages monitor refresh rates,(This one was supposedly fixed awhile ago), or the DRM that Netflix uses (WideVine) being poorly designed or implemented . Some people have had success with reinstalling graphics drivers, some by making sure all their monitors are set to the same refresh rate. But these don't work for everyone.
  18. AMVA+ is a type of VA panel. It provides better contrast and blacks than most IPS , but generally has both a smaller viewing angle than IPS, and a higher response time. As far as quality goes for the monitor: the panel is very good supporting full 10 bit color so you can view HDR content on it. It also has fantastic color replication with 100% srgb and 75% Adobe RGB. The response time varies but the minimum is 4ms and average is 12ms on this monitor. Panel info was obtained from: https://www.displayspecifications.com/en/model/045d895
  19. Yes I think it will go well with that build.
  20. It's on a case by case basis. Here is a quote straight from a Corsair rep on their own forums : Link to the forum post: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=156154
  21. Then yeah, you should be fine.
  22. The chance of leakage is very low for AIOs as long as you aren't taking off the tubes or anything. That being said after about 3-5 years the risk can increase as parts wear out, but over my 6 years of owning AIOs I've never had one leak, The h100I v2 is a very well made product (though the included software sucks IMO) and should be fine,
  23. Can you post a picture of the build with the watercooler installed?
  24. I'd honestly recommend getting an Audio interface like the Focusrite scarlet solo or the BEHRINGER U-PHORIA UM2. They will give you the phantom power you need and also provide a proper interface for the xlr mic. I do not recommend using an XLR to 3.5mm adapter unless absolutely necessary.