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    Intel Core i7 10700k
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    Gigabyte z490
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    32GB 3200Mhz
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    EVGA RTX 3080 FTW3
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    Cooler Master MasterCase H500P Mesh ARGB Airflow
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    2tb M.2 SSD + 2tb 7200 rpm trash
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    Thermaltake 850w platinum
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    Corsair H150i RGB
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    Logitech 810
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    Logitech g pro x wireless and Klipsch 2.1
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  1. Yeah this does seem to be the crux of the issue. The board I got just aint great for overclocking. I will live with a *measly* 5ghz clock for now. lol Many lessons learned on this build. Better PSU and mobo first for my next pc build in a few years.
  2. Well I would prefer that it was able to run p95 overnight without crashing. As well as knowing I can use my computer all day without risking it crashing.
  3. I have a new build with the i7 10700k and I am trying to get a stable all core overclock at 5.1 or 5.2 I would say I know pretty much nothing about overclocking, but I successfully had stable overclocks on my old i7 7700k and i5 4690k, but they were pretty conservative overclocks. I want to actually push this chip this time. Motherboard: Gigabyte Z490 UD AC (rev. 1.0) I was using 51 and 48 ring. 0AVX. Fixed vcore. 1.316 Vcore. I tried normal to low LLC. While running the default prime 95 temps would never go past 85c, but it will just randomly crash after a few hour
  4. I built my PC last week. I have not been able to wake it from sleep one time. Ill move the mouse or hit my keyboard and my three monitors backlight will light up. My webcam lights up for face ID and nothing else happens. It stays like that forever. I have to reset my the power on my PSU and start over each time. I have already changed the intel power setting that turns off your SSD while sleeping. I have all the power settings put to high and performance. I have completely reset the mobo to default other than XMP. I have removed my GPU overclock as well. I am completely lost on what els
  5. Could possibly be a bad display cable? Do you have another display or cable you can test?
  6. If I lock it to anything less than 1.27 I crash under load.
  7. Since im using fixed vcore if I go under 1.27 itll crash. If I change off a fixed vcore the spikes are crazy and the temps go too high as well.
  8. its a K series chip, but I locked the voltage to prevent it from spiking to 1.35 vcore randomly. Im limited thermally at the moment so I cant actually apply any overclock at the moment.
  9. I have it running at 4.8 locked. 1.28 volts. Temps are fine for the most part. Only hits high 80s in certain loads. This is acceptable until I get the new cooler in.
  10. You are saying I should set a stock clock speeds myself instead of letting it boost on its own? Idk if this cooler can handle 4.8ghz constant lol
  11. https://www.amazon.com/MATREXX-55-ADD-RGB-Motherboard-Addressable/dp/B07WSKF4JG Three intake at the front. One exhaust at the back. Radiator exhausts out the top. Front flow isnt amazing because of the glass, but even with the side panel off the case it still runs the same temps. I think that this chip just needs more cooling than this little 240 rad can handle. My last chip was a 7700k and a 240 was more than enough so I think I just didnt look into it enough.
  12. Yeah... I think a bigger case and a 360mm is in order. Just need to find one that works for me. What case did you get your for your 360? Is it top or front mounted?
  13. MCE? I have reset the BIOS to default everything other than XMP so I can use my ram correctly.
  14. The cpu fans are working fine. The pump seems to be working fine as with regular use its staying nice at cool. And like I said. I tried it with no side panel and the temps are the exact same.
  15. I pulled it off and put new better paste on and tightened it down firmly to make sure it had even solid contact. I dont have another cooler lying around that will work for this chip. My BIOS is all at default. Would normal turbo fuck me like this?