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  1. Constantine

    New Macbook Pro Uses Polaris GPU

    Does it assign another workload on the second GPU or does it completely ignore it since it doesn't have a crossfire profile?
  2. Constantine

    Ultimate Compact Gaming PC 2016

    What? No Benchmarks or anything?
  3. Constantine

    Intel Skull Canyon NUC Review

    Sooo... do you guys have to redo all your sponsor spots because of Amazon?
  4. Constantine

    Scrapyard Wars Season 4 - With Special Guest BS Mods

    I like this format. Good job Edzel!
  5. Constantine

    LTT B-roll VS MKBHD

    I think Brandon does the majority of the B-Roll. Also, MKBHD is out of college and has made YouTube his full time job. And yes, a daily release schedule is a lot more taxing compared to MKBHD's "It'll be out when I think its perfect"
  6. Constantine

    Fractal Design Node 202

    That's a full tower though. I think these really SFF cases are for those that can't spare the space.
  7. I booted up my PC today and found message from Win10 saying that CPU-Z is no longer compatible with this version of Windows and decides on its own to remove the program from user space along with other programs that Microsoft doesn't like and starts replacing them with their own Windows apps. Its even removed AMD Catalyst Control Centre and installed its own Win10 drivers. I search around and for some reason nobody is covering this. Apparently its been happening unnoticed with Windows uninstalling programs and even sometimes Steam Games. It would be nice if anybody knew a way to turn this off. But seriously, What kind of communist bullshit is this? If this is going to be Microsoft's last Windows release, then they still don't know what the fuck they're doing. Quoting from Torvalds: https://lkml.org/lkml/2012/12/23/75 I mean, if you apply an update and it suddenly breaks user apps, then THERE'S SOMETHING FUCKING WRONG WITH YOUR UPDATE! YOU DON'T FUCKING REMOVE SHIT THAT'S NOT YOURS /rant
  8. Constantine

    Fury X now equal to 980 ti @1440p and superior @4k

    Holy shit the 280X is as good as a 780! That card paid for itself well.
  9. Constantine

    Feenix Collection Giveaway

    That keyboard looks slick and I wouldn't mind giving that headset a go. That sweet sweet Japanese pine
  10. Constantine

    Case Fans - How many do you need?

    Their cases both come from the same factory.
  11. Constantine

    NZXT H440 Matte Black and Slight Updates!

    It has pretty bad heat retention from all that foam. Front intakes get pretty choked if you fill it up with drive cages. Other than that, I really like it.
  12. Constantine

    Community Opinion - Ads by FanDuel?

    Depends on intrusiveness. It won't be something like "Single females in your area" kind of ads right? If its because of the gambling nature of fantasy sports that's making it 18+ then it should be fine.
  13. Constantine

    Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ Giveaway

    Selective Focus. Reminds me of that Lytro camera
  14. Constantine

    Desk PC Build Log

    Yeah, I would've made like a shelf of some sort just to make sure it doesn't fall into the floor. I don't know enough about carpentry but I'm guessing it depends on how those things are designed to work. If they're designed to actually hold up stuff on a ceiling then it should be fine. Although I would've done it differently, I'm just gonna put some faith on Linus this time around considering he did housework before his NCIX days.
  15. Constantine

    Desk PC Build Log

    You could just as a safety precaution but since the board isn't holding the weight of the graphics card it should be enough.