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  1. No, that's not at all what I'm suggesting. (I'm fairly sure I'd only have one opportunity to test cyanide so maybe not a good pick for BuzzFeed) I mean put a link to the video on YT in the floatplane desc, as has been mentioned.
  2. Which version of 3DMark did you run on the singularity spectre?
  3. I'm fully aware. I understand they have to do this (I mentioned it indirectly). However, I'm saying I want a way to tell which video on yt is which video on Floatplane, even if it's a link in the FP description.
  4. Search: Your BEST IT Joke

    This is an XKCD comic I love:
  5. Agreeing with YoloSnail, I watch videos mostly on mobile and I like the youtube app.
  6. I was thinking more along the lines of putting the YT title in the FP desc. And I like youtube's app better, given Floatplane doesn't have one.
  7. So for those of you who aren't on floatplane, here's the HP spectre showcase as seen there: Here's the video on yt: The only thing that's the same is "HP elitebook showcase" and the thumbnail. The title on FP is much less clickbait-y. This makes sense. On FP, since members are paying for content, they're much more likely to watch everything LMG puts out. Additionally, there's no need to attract new members (at least through the videos themselves) since anyone seeing the videos on FP is already paying. Another useful addition on FP is the "Sponsored" tag which makes it easy to tell which videos might be a tad... biased. Here's the problem. It is really hard to tell which videos are which between FP and YT. There are some titles even more ambiguous: They don't even have the same thumbnail, and I had to check they were the same video by actually playing it. As someone who consumes LMG content on both YouTube and Floatplane, I'd appreciate an easier way to compare videos on both.
  8. Just in reply- after watching that dumb HP video I am kind of in agreement with you. Also, if you're not on FP, they released an exclusive explaining their reasons for the sudden rush of sponsors (long story short some embargoes were adjusted).
  9. Laptop undervolting

    I guess so. It just doesn't seem a very engaging topic considering it'd be mostly him tweaking settings.
  10. Cable Management clip for mouse bungee

    Looks fine to me. Ensure your cable fits.
  11. 32 installed 15.98 usable?

    Strange. Check if your BIOS detects it.
  12. 32 installed 15.98 usable?

    Are you using the right slot orders?
  13. Laptop undervolting

    He has not that I'm aware of. Why would it be a good video for a budget laptop? Explain please.
  14. Is potato a gender?