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    -Thread cleaned-
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    behind everyone about to misspeak ready to correct them
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    professional shitposter


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    Intel Core i5 4690k
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    MSI Z87 MPower
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    16gb corsair dominator ddr3
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    MSI OC edition GTX 980Ti
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    Cooler Master Storm Stryker
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    128 gb samsung 960 pro SATA ssd, 2 tb HDD
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    Kingwin LAZER 1000 watt
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    HP OMEN 27 (1440p 144hz GSync)
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    Corsair H100i 120mm
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    Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2
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    Razer DeathAdder 2000
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    Sennheiser HD 598cs
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    Windows 10 pro (AKA Windows 10 Pro Bloatware Edition™)

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  1. RollTime

    Henge Dock

    Welcome to the forum, and the LTT community! Please be aware that, while Linus does lurk on the forum a lot, he rarely responds. So, if you were expecting a response but don't get one, know he has probably read your suggestions. In any case, I think a dock review is a great idea.
  2. RollTime

    Best RGB fan configuration

    Strix Z370 e. For rgb strips I’ll be getting some addressable aura one. I know auras not perfect, but most of the stuff in my system is aura and I want the best syncing possible. I was talking about recommendations.
  3. RollTime

    Best RGB fan configuration

    Fair enough. Any recommendations?
  4. RollTime

    Best RGB fan configuration

    I'm doing a build in a Fractal Design Meshify C. I need 2 140mm fans for my front AIO and 1 120mm exhaust fan. If you think I need another exhaust, please let me know. I'd like these fans to be RGB. I'd also prefer them to be AURA sync compatible, whether through normal fans with lit up covers or actual AURA fans. My question is, what is the cheapest way to do this? What fan configuration will provide good performance and hopefully a nice look for the least cash? Thanks!
  5. Very similar in terms of look- they both have a PSU shroud, large side panel, etc. Similar cost as well. Any ideas on which is better? Any standout features? Thanks.
  6. RollTime

    Folding Questions

    Why not?
  7. RollTime

    Corsair CX850

    Okay, thanks.
  8. RollTime

    Corsair CX850

    8700k and 1080, most likely overclocked.
  9. RollTime

    Corsair CX850

    I had a SeaSonic 620 EVO edition planned, pretty sure it's tier 2 or 3. Is that good? I wasn't sure.
  10. RollTime

    Corsair CX850

    It's cheaper than the 650 watt PSU I had planned to buy. I mean it is worth it to get used?
  11. RollTime

    Corsair CX850

    Strange. Thanks.
  12. RollTime

    Folding Questions

    It's basically mining if you turn it all the way up. It will tank your performance.
  13. RollTime

    New build new problems

    Gigabyte mobos boot twice.
  14. RollTime

    GPU Cooling Mod

    Is the video not showing up for anyone else?
  15. RollTime

    Which low-power gpu for streaming pc?

    Does that one not work? I wasn't aware you needed a GPU for encoding and streaming.