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  1. I wanted to make a topic that considered some of your observations but from a different perspectives and to different conclusions. I have the feeling - mind you just the feeling - that the pc gaming market is splitting in two. On one side you have the "eye candy" guys. They want 4K, ray tracing, two bilion fps, a trillion hz monitor etc. They will (happily) spend 1000+$ on the new uber video card. Then there's... me and people like me. If I look at my desktop I play mostly "shadow empire", "from the depths", "total war warhammer 2", "creeper world 4", "rimworld". I think I a
  2. Left and right of the tv, moving a couple of books away. You can choose the upper or lower bookshelf depending on how tall you are / how tall is your chair. That's basically the perfect setup for bookshelf speakers (orly?) far better than mine, because you want speakers to ear-level and well separated for stereo imaging.
  3. It means that they are not flat. Meaning that sound that you hear is somewhat different from the signal that enters in. It's the bane of audiophiles who will spend trillions of dollar in unobtanium made speakers that they are super-duper flat because this is their religion (joking, but not so much). In my eyes, flat-enough speakers are more versatile, because you can always play with eq, but it's harder to correct existing coloring on your audio. as far as I undestand it, I'm no expert. Yes, that's another thing I need to understand better. Price-to-performance might be a religion
  4. Yes, I was describing my original toughtprocess. Now I start to better understand the other point of view. But I remain on my "expensive" definition in comparison. Maybe you don't really understand how dirty cheap bookshelf speaker are. I use a pair of edifier 1280t for my desktop pc. I got them for 80-90 euros new and shipped. They sound bloody great. Yes they are very colored, but they sound so good. I will be very happy to watch a movie over them if my old yamahas blow up.
  5. I think I start to understand it. My thinking is "I have a tv, now I need speakers. In 2021 there are amazing speakers at dirty cheap price, let's grab a couple. Now I'm happy" then I see a soundbar and I think "What is this? Wow is expensive. How is it better than a speaker? Well it's really not actually. It's useless". While a person buying a soundbar is someone that at some point gets aware that his tv audio sucks. Then the market says to him "We have created the perfect product for that problem: a soundbar" the person buys it and thinks "Wow this thing is simple, handy, small and
  6. No that's not my argument. My argument is that for things to be beautiful they need to be the result of a process which need reasoning and ideas that are not by their own but the result of our culture. You can - and often artists will - create a thing that is beautiful in a new way. That's one of the major achievements of a human being bar none. But there always will be a process that is intelligible and therefore explainable behind that.
  7. No no wait. I'm not ignorning anything. I'm slowly understanding and trying to put myself in a different mindset. It's a difficoult process. All your arguments are really appreciated. I need to argue them to better explore them.
  8. No, that's simply not true. You can't be a musician, a painter, a designer, a sculptor etc without years of practice and study. Try to make something "artistic" and you will find that the only way to make anything worthwile is to study how and why other people did what they did and why these things are beautiful. If beauty was a completely subjective thing, there won't be "speakers" and "soundbars", there would be infinite variations. Because I might just like a banana shaped speaker and you might like a spherical one and there would not be a way to reconcile our different percepti
  9. I find difficoult to appreciate the real convenience in this scenario. I mean, it's not like connecting a couple of active speakers to the audio output of a tv is way more complex. It's just a cable anyway. You might have to find a way to position them (see my table). What you get in return of the small inconvenience of putting a table or a couple of stand is a lot more versatility, better sound fidelity and way smaller price. I was focusing on the "middle end", but you can really have a decent pair of speakers for 100 euro. Seems a no brainer to me. You might argue that a lot of people d
  10. Oh no. I'm sure that the end result is amazing considered the size and shape. Again, I bet that a Bose soundbar is freaking amazing. But there are costs.
  11. Ok you have a point on raw convenience. But no. A powered speaker is not a soundbar. The difference is in the shape. In one case is optimized for audio quality, in the second is optimized for... not sure.
  12. Haven't you studied art at school? An art class is basically that, an argument on why something is considered beautiful. I can explain why I think a... speaker shaped speaker is a beautiful object. It's a classic functional design where the shape of the object beautifully express and enhance the functionality. You should be able to similarly elaborate your dislikebess for it beside "it's big". Of course is fine if you can't but... well it's interesting.
  13. Why? You can argue taste. You can't usually get to a definitive answer but taste is not a completely automatic reaction. If "you couldn't argue taste", how could you study art or design?
  14. That's sound logical. Except they are not THAT big. A 5 inch speaker is as big as a couple of books. How many people doesn't have that kind of space in their home? If someone lives in a capsule hotel, maybe...