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  1. GoldenOne

    Does Android OS support 'MPEG-4 Audio (.m4a)' files ?

    Yes it does. Just get the VLC app from the play store and you can open basically any media file
  2. European prices have tax included in them. That US price does not include tax so for many people they would have to actually pay more than that. And as Sakkura said, purchasing an oculus, and touch was still 100 euro cheaper than getting a vive. Even getting a 3rd sensor still ended up cheaper by a few euro.
  3. They are yes. But the problem is that even with that considered, they are still really not great lenses. The rift lenses are considerably better, with a MUCH larger "sweet-spot". And then the oculus go lenses are better again (if there was a revision of the rift with the go lenses + display I would literally buy it for that alone. The Oculus go display+lenses are wonderful) I'm not sure how that happened. If you purchase Oculus + Touch + a third sensor its STILL cheaper than buying a vive. Also, the idea that oculus can't do room-scale tracking is a complete myth. I have owned both headsets, and both do room-scale absolutely fine. And those saying that oculus tracking is better than vive or vive tracking is better than oculus is also completely untrue. The tracking on both headsets is great and neither one is more or less capable than the other.
  4. Valve is making their own headset under the steam hardware brand https://uploadvr.com/valve-135-vr-headset-half-life/ They partnered with HTC for the original vive. But SteamVR is supported on basically all headsets so there is no need for that partnership to continue for the vive to "work". So it would seem that HTC and Valve will both be making headsets independant of eachother. But hey! Competition is always good for us end consumers
  5. I hope so! I think the standalone stuff is good no matter what. My main concern is with the vive pro eye. a) if they have re-used the same awful lenses, that would kill it for me. I was really surprised they re-used the original vive lenses in the vive pro. If they do it again when this product CLEARLY has a focus on foveated rendering I will be pretty shocked. b) I hope they price it right. Otherwise oculus will be laughing. I want there to be more competition. Right now the % market share of oculus is growing fast, mainly due to the extremely competitive pricing compared to vive. And if they have no competition in that price range then there is less drive for innovation
  6. The vive cosmos is using optical tracking (similar to the PSVR tracking) which is lower cost than methods such as what the oculus quest is using, but normally poorer quality (that doesn't mean its bad though!). Essentially rather than tracking the IR constellations in the controllers like in the quest, the cameras on the HMD use software to keep track of the illuminated patterns on the controllers. Hence the abstract design, as that makes it easier for computer vision to keep accurate tracking.
  7. I think luke said it best in the latest WAN show. VR isn't dead. Its growing, and its good. Its just not exploded like many people and companies thought it was going to. Back when everything was being marketed toward VR and everyone was trying to jump on the hype train. I mean, there is still measureable growth, and there are new products such as this coming out. https://www.vrfocus.com/2018/12/vr-industry-sees-positive-growth-as-q3-headset-sales-hit-1-9-million/ I think stuff like quest (and hopefully cosmos if they price it right) are going to be really good for general adoption. The problem with current gen VR like the vive and oculus is that whilst they ARE really good. You have to have a very beefy PC, a fairly large space to use it, and its very expensive. With stuff like the oculus quest, you just get it, and go. Wherever you like. And its at a price that is affordable to many people. So I personally feel that affordable products like that will be a strong force of growth. But only time will tell!
  8. https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2019/01/htc-announces-vive-pro-eye-a-new-vr-headset-with-built-in-eye-tracking/ https://www.theverge.com/2019/1/7/18172740/htc-vive-cosmos-vr-headset-announce-ces-2019 First is the "Vive Pro Eye" Which is identical to the existing vive-pro, but includes eye tracking and integrated foveated rendering. Second is the "Vive Cosmos" which is intended to be used wirelessly, powered by a PC. It is NOT a standalone unit and so seemingly is not intended to be an oculus quest competitor. However HTC did suggest that in future you may be able to use it with a smartphone, eliminating the need for a PC. Release dates or estimates were not announced for the Cosmos. The HTC Vive Pro Eye is slated for launch in the "second quarter of 2019." No pricing information as of yet
  9. GoldenOne

    Problem with mobo's soundcard

    Are you using the jack on the motherboard itself? Or the one on your case?
  10. GoldenOne

    Neewer NW-800 background noise

    If you're not using an audio interface with a phantom power supply I'm surprised the mic is even working properly at all. If you're using an xlr mic, you need an audio interface. They are not designed to be plugged straight into a PC via an adaptor. This will mean that you do not have the 48v power necessary to run it properly and will likely end up with ground loops. Plus the quality will suffer inherently from not using an interface and using the sub-par input on your mobo
  11. GoldenOne

    A case of confusion with M.2 drives

    Is the PC you put it into PCIe 2.0 or 3.0? Also, do you have the correct NVMe drivers installed? An m.2 SATA drive and an m.2 NVMe drives will be VASTLY different in speed.
  12. GoldenOne

    Samsung IconX (2018) vs AirPods (used with Android)

    I'd keep em. They're too damn good to get rid of if you want true wireless
  13. GoldenOne

    Samsung IconX (2018) vs AirPods (used with Android)

    Yeah the 'value' isn't as good as the others. But they DO sound better. But A) you're paying a significant excess for the true wireless functionality. Earphones of similar quality that are either wired or wireless with a wire between the two would be cheaper B) with audio, quality and price do not scale linearly. A £3000 HD800-S + Quality dac and amp setup does not sound 30 times better than £100 headphones. But bloody hell do they sound amazing
  14. GoldenOne

    Samsung IconX (2018) vs AirPods (used with Android)

    if you can splash a tad more, having tried all three I would strongly suggest the sennheiser momentum true wireless. They are by far the best sounding true wireless option I have heard
  15. GoldenOne


    In windows right click your sound icon, and click "sounds" Go to playback devices, and right click on the "voicemeeter input VAIO". Click properties, then advanced. Set the sample rate to 24 bit 44.1khz Do this for the other virtual input, and both virtual outputs in the "recording devices" section.