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  1. Well, I hadn’t bought it yet, I was just researching the parts but I intend to I buy it. And also I was using GeForce Now because my current setup sucked even at lowest settings, on the grid map with only one vehicle
  2. I personally would upgrade the graphics card even if you are not going to be gaming in 1440p or 4k
  3. Well it depends on what settings you want, what resolution and if you are going to enable ray-tracing or download some shaders. You can have a look at the benchmarks on youtube, just search your graphics card followed the game followed by resolution followed by graphics settings followed by either fps test or benchmark
  4. Thanks, but how do I reset the BIOS settings? Also I have made sure that my DHCP is disabled on my router. The wifi and Ethernet work perfectly on all other devices
  5. Two competing PC builds, like which one is better overall..
  6. Which is better for ray tracing games? Like Minecraft RTX and other games Which is better value for money? More processing power for the least amount of money Which is better performance wise? Which wins? I wanna prove my friend wrong again even though i think amd is cheaper for like the same frame rates, it dosen't have DLSS so it sucks in Minecraft RTX unlike Nvidia..
  7. Budget (including currency): max £400 Country: UK Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Beamng Drive, opening a buncha crap on google, trying to crash the computer with chrome tabs Which is better performance wise? Which is better value for money? I wanna prove my friend wrong, even though amd might be cheaper, i still wanna prove him wrong....
  8. Btw, it actually the wifi stopped working first so i played around in the settings until I broke the ethernet as well as the wifi so i have learnt not to meddle too much without knowing what you're doing
  9. I've tried restarting the computer, resetting it, erasing it, attempting to replace the drivers, giving up, trying again, shouting at the computer and accidently on purpose drop it. Nothing works. Please can you tell me the steps to restoring internet or maybe send the CORRECT driver download link. It is a HP laptop... The serial number is.... CND71775NW The product number is... X7G64EA#ABU The warranty number is... 1y1y0y The model thingy is... 15 -ba077sa It's a crap laptop and I wanted to sell it or give it away but it needs internet first so plz
  10. Here's a great website for checking the stocks, btw it won't buy it for you. https://www.stockinformer.co.uk/checker-nvidia-geforce-rtx-3080-3070-3090
  11. I have absolutely no idea how to get started all I did was downbload Unity and the latest version. Any tips on how to get started, would really appreciate it
  12. yeah i would go for the 2070 if your only planning to play 1080p on not very big titles