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  1. Hi, I've had a Huawei Mate 20 Pro for over three years and I use it daily and charge it daily. I've noticed my battery is dying much faster and it incorrectly shows my percentage. For example, it would say 20 percent and then in a few minutes it would shut down. I want to maintain the battery's health for as long as possible before I need to go replace it. Advice?
  2. Just realised I have over £120 in my paypal but I’m locked out because of 2FA (new number lol)


    And I forgot the card I linked to paypal..


    If you help, I will give you absolutely nothing because I’m cheap.



    1. Cyberspirit


      Why not hit up PayPal support about it? Not much we can do.

  3. I love the same types of games! Btw, if you love physics games, try Teardown. I looked it up on YouTube and its really good. It’s on steam too. Can’t wait to buy it!
  4. BeamNG Drive, Forza Horizon 4, Teardown (even though I’ve only seen it on YouTube) and any other decent physics games that I can find on steam.
  5. I found it downstairs, no other clear problems apart from the socket an cable. I guess it happened because it used so much power and because it’s almost 11 years old now.
  6. It’s going to be temporary and I found it thrown away downstairs. Apparently, the TV does not switch on. I found the reason why, the charging cable and port had been fried. It has clearly melted and is now crumbly. It looks like I can easily replace the port and cable (if I can find the parts on eBay) but is the TV worth it saving? I don’t want to spend hundreds of pounds repairing the TV. (I also checked and the warranty only lasted for a year ) Here’s the TV model: lg 50pk350 Thanks in advance!
  7. It is an lg 55UB820V. The TV is around 6 years old and it has started getting slowly a couple of months ago. It struggles with switching channels (didn’t happen before) and often crashes and switches off or freezes if you change too many at once. Any way to fix it? And what parts should be replaced? Thanks!
  8. Yeah, entire family has the same headphones with the same name. Kinda hard to know which one is yours.
  9. Think audacity is just for audio, right?
  10. Need to make it for some music to bass boost. Can’t find tutorials on YouTube that dont use adobe. Me pro so i need something for free. Please help.
  11. Well I use a Cowin E7 so I don’t think I have an EQ for that.
  12. Thanks! Yeah, I’ve wondered that too!
  13. Yeah, dont know too much about sound editing so would be good if it was simple or had clear instructions.