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  1. Linus Tech Tips memes

    Thank you~
  2. Linus Tech Tips memes

    Where is it? I need mah Linus Tech Tips memes. ;w;
  3. I need a girlfriend

    Not to be rude, but I love the fact that this was posted on a tech forum of all things. x3
  4. Linus Tech Tips memes

    Sooo... a bit off topic (obviously), I wondered if there was any memes you guys know about, or has lying around. Some of us here in this community, knows that Linus is known for dropping things (a lot), or saying "It's fine." when things are not fine. He is clumsy, but I love him for it. ^^; Putting the other people at Linus Media Group into perspective, they have their moments as well. :3 Here's one from a very recent video, I suppose. Not even 5 seconds in the video, and Linus almost dropped something again. Is this a new record, Linus? x3 Looking a bit on Google, I found a few that's pretty amusing, to me. :3 So I wonder, what do you guys have? ^-^
  5. To Freesync or not to Freesync

    In AMD Catalyst Control Center I believe. Not too use as I've never used Freesync. Got a monitor that has it, but I'm running a Nvidia card, so only G-Sync works for me. Got one a few weeks ago.
  6. Looked at the staff list and saw that profile pic.

    Me: "Ah, I see you're a map of Aperture as well."


    Sorry, I'm new. ^^;

  7. Personally, I want to try and avoid PCIe risers.... not taking a chance in mounting the graphics card to the table. Also, the height inside is only 15cm. With the table thickness, it'll only be 19cm from the bottom of the table to the top. Not to be picky, but I'm going with wood at the top as I don't feel so safe with full glass. Know a person who had their table break, which made his $4000 rig go to s***. Also, I want to avoid DIY water cooling for 3 reasons. First reason being leakage... second reason being replacing a part. I mean, I can't begin to imagine the struggle you have to go through if you want to replace a part like the CPU or MOBO in a DIY water cooled desk. Third reason, it's kind of expensive... sorry. >-< However, since I'm doing AIO water cooling on the CPU only, I thought of buying a NZXT Kraken X52 people seem to like a lot. ^^; The cooling of the GPU will be assisted by the fans, especially the front one. I've got a NZXT Sentry 3 fan controller in my rig, and I had an idea of mounting it on the top bellow the glass panel I thought of designing. This is just a image I found on Google, but the frame of that panel is how I want the window design to look like, with the fan cooler bellow it, so it looks like a touch panel of some sort. Well, it already is with a LCD display, but I feel like it'll look better that way. However, one slight "problem" with the fan controller. There are 5 fans in this build, 2 of them will be mounted to the radiator and connected to the motherboard for balanced cooling to the CPU... and the last 3 will be connected to the fan controller, which means 2 slots on the fan controller will not be in use. What should I do with them? My thought was making a external mount to cool myself when the room gets hot, but not sure...
  8. The idea: After watching a few DIY desk pc videos on YouTube, I kind of wanted to try building my own as well. It's getting cramped in my case anyway, and I can't find another good looking case online that has at least 2 frontal 140mm fans, and 2 5.25" bays as well. Personal taste: After messing about in a 3D modelling program called Google SketchUp, I eventually came up with something better-looking. There's still some things to be done, but I'd like to hear people's thoughts. I'm trying to make a DIY desk pc that has a industrial look to it if possible, or a more modern and sci-fi looking one. Also, like Linus did in a DIY desk pc project of his own, I may paint the table/build black as well, since that's my personal taste. Extra notes: If anyone has something to add that might look good on it for a industrial/sci-fi looking desk pc, I'd appreciate suggestions. I have a glass panel I want to add on top, but I'm waiting until I have a better idea of what to add to this build. Didn't really plan this, just making up stuff as I go along. Here's some pictures. Top panel. Custom designed glass panel will be lying on top. Not yet designed in SketchUp. Anyway, I thought of mounting a NZXT HUE+ between the drive bays and HDD's, just saying. By the way, since it'll be easy to see the cables, I thought of laying them down like this, close to each others: And to hold the cables down, I thought of using these if I can find them: Front panel. Parts: Power switch, Reset switch, 5.25" DVD-RW, 5.25" USB and Audio input, 120mm fan (air in) Left side panel, with easy access to I/O. Parts: Motherboard I/O, graphics card video output, USB 3.1 PCIe x2 extension card, 140mm fan (air in) Real panel with cutout by 10cm for airflow. Parts: ATX power supply unit, 2x 120mm fan (air out) Right side panel. Parts: 140mm fan (air in) NOTE: I thought about trying to center the fan, but it's not visible in the model as SketchUp messed up this side panel when making the hole. Bottom panel. Parts: ATX power supply unit NOTE: This hole is not final. It'll be cut out more properly the desk (may) be built. The I/O panel. With some custom desk pc builds I've seen people make, they often don't make a hole with easy access to the motherboard's I/O panel and other parts that may sit in the PCIe slots. For my use, I kind of need easy access to this area, as I often plug things either in or out. Even if I didn't, it's annoying when a cable starts malfunctioning and needs a replacement, but isn't easy due to the horrible access. With that said, I'd like to hear what you guys in this forum have to say. Ideas and suggestions are very welcome, as I want to make the design look better. Thanks in advance. ^-^
  9. Windows 10 Task Manager (4)

    You know, if you press that right arrow button next to a task, you can see sub tasks under that program and find out what it is. Also, my way of getting installed programs on other drives to work again after a reinstall with Windows, is to just create a desktop shortcut to a program on that drive. It's at least how I do it, since I reinstall Windows more than I'd like... lost count how many times I've done it, but I think it's 6 to 8 times this year.
  10. GeForce GTX 1070 setup - Worth it?

    I didn't call you a fanboy. It just whenever someone talks about computer stuff with Intel and Nvidia, there's way too many people in comment sections here and there going full AMD fanboy. It's a bit tiring after a while...
  11. GeForce GTX 1070 setup - Worth it?

    Well, it's also a bad buy for me with AMD stuff when I just said I'm not familiar with it. Besides, not to be rude... but I'm a bit tired of AMD fanboys lately. 9gag is crawling with them...
  12. GeForce GTX 1070 setup - Worth it?

    Buying a new CPU and a motherboard while I already have a high-end CPU and a X299 motherboard would just be silly... besides, not familiar with AMD.
  13. GeForce GTX 1070 setup - Worth it?

    I normally don't go for top-end stuff on the market, as I simply don't have the money for it. Kind of on a budget. Though, I kind of didn't like the looks of other X299 motherboards... when the LED lights are too bright, it's disturbing... and my room is pretty much always dark with the case right next to me. At the moment, the fans is the most brightest things in my case, and I've got 6 of 'em. The reason I currently have a 550 Watt PSU, is because the previous one wasn't modular, while the one I have now is. It became too cramped behind the motherboard with cables that weren't even in use. I plan in upgrading to a 750 Watt PSU when I've got the money, but I won't for a few months, because the monitor I bought kind of ripped me clean from money... and then suddenly I'm at minus 535 bucks on my bank account, so I had to fix that too.
  14. GeForce GTX 1070 setup - Worth it?

    I'll consider it.
  15. GeForce GTX 1070 setup - Worth it?

    It's just the price that concerns me to be honest.