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  1. i7-7820X - 99C abnormal CPU overheating

    I'm not doing custom liquid cooling... as if it wasn't enough to maintain regularly, it's not that easy (I bet) to get some components out. Doing an AIO solution worked just fine for me. But now, that pump has gone to all hell apparently. Of all times, it had to be on a Sunday... Anywho, I'll contact the retailer I bought it from and hear what they can do. Might have to buy a new cooler if I can't get the current one replaced, and it's not been an entire year yet since I bought it.
  2. i7-7820X - 99C abnormal CPU overheating

    The AIO cooler I now had was pretty much the only cooling method I had. Doubt the boxed coolers will help much, let alone fit.
  3. i7-7820X - 99C abnormal CPU overheating

    Yeah, something is not normal here. >.<
  4. i7-7820X - 99C abnormal CPU overheating

    I believe a virus is very unlikely after a fresh OS install. Either way, I am not able to get past the BIOS. The CPU just heats up too fast before I can get to loading the OS, and that usually takes about 20 seconds. I have a long BIOS time for some reason...
  5. i7-7820X - 99C abnormal CPU overheating

    Just looked a bit at the AIO cooler on another PC that works, and it seems to be working... partially. Which by that, I mean I can hear something coming from the AIO cooler pump, but I can not hear any flow of liquid. Usually, when I start my PC, I can hear the flow going. But now, nothing. What does that mean then?
  6. i7-7820X - 99C abnormal CPU overheating

    The mount shouldn't be an issue, since this occurred before I even took the AIO cooler off, and it hasn't been off since October 2017.
  7. i7-7820X - 99C abnormal CPU overheating

    I did mentioned that everything is at full blast, except for the top fans, as they wouldn't contribute to the problem if they spun that fast.
  8. i7-7820X - 99C abnormal CPU overheating

    It's not dead, no.
  9. The story I did some pretty basic stuff on my PC. Just before it went to sh*t, I uninstalled some unnecessary software after a clean Windows 10 installation. And then suddenly, the PC powered down on it's own. It took me a while to figure out, but I found out that my CPU was the cause, not the MOBO I suspected to be the culprit. Anyway, I found out that my PC's processor overheated itself to abnormal levels. It starts quickly at 70 degrees celcius, then heats itself up to 99 degrees celcius in the matter of a half a minute, and then stays there. Now, even before and after I found out the issue, clearing the CMOS and everything else related to it, did nada nothing. I've tried booting from the second BIOS chip, and updating the BIOS even. But it still did nothing. And yes, before anyone asks, I put all the fans (except the top 3) to 100% fan speed, but it still heats up like all hell. Even doing a push/pull configuration on my AIO cooler did nothing. In the end, I wonder: Do I need to replace the CPU with another one, get a new MOBO, or what do I do in order to fix this? Oh yeah, by the way, I get postcode 00 for a split second before the PC powers down on it's own. PC specifications: MOBO: MSI X299 SLI PLUS CPU: Intel Core i7-7820X GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Aero 8GB OC RAM: Kingston HyperX FURY 16GB DDR4-2666MHz SSD: Samsung 960 EVO 250GB, 850 EVO 500GB, Kingston SSDNow V300 240GB HDD: WD20EARS 2TB, Toshiba HDWD110 1TB, ST1000DM003-1SB10C 1TB Case: Corsair Obsidian 450D Black Molex: NZXT Sentry 3, Pro SATA power cable Power: Corsair CX550M 550 Watt I doubt the PSU is the issue here by the way. It's been doing just fine with these parts. That's about it Would really appreciate some help from you guys. I'll provide a screenshot from when I tried to flash the BIOS that shows the temperature. Thanks in advance, I guess. With kind regards - Crinklekitty
  10. Thoughts about using 7 drives?

    I haven't even used half of the total amount of space I have. Last time I checked, I have about 4.48TB of storage in total, and I've used almost 1.3TB in total. Not to mention I haven't even used half the space on any of the HDD's connected.
  11. Thoughts about using 7 drives?

    I've had the idea of partitioning my drives too, but... it isn't the greatest idea if once drive suddenly fails or corrupts itself. And that's already happened twice. Last time was with my 2TB drive where I keep my not-so-heavy/needy games on, resulting a loss of about 438GB's of storage. Had to wipe the entire drive to make it usable again. The time before that is when I used the Kingson SSDNow V300 drive as my OS drive and got a upgrade to something else. Had to wipe it as well.
  12. Thoughts about using 7 drives?

    Using a 8TB drive for my not-so-heavy/needy games, media files, or download files sounds a bit silly in my opinion. Besides, ain't got any more available 3.5" drive bays in my case. And both of my optical drive bays are in use as well, so no hot-swap or something like that.
  13. Thoughts about using 7 drives?

    Well, I can't fit any further drives into my system. The three 3.5" and two 2.5" drive slots are all occupied. My motherboard has two M.2 drive slots, but according to PcPartPicker, using one M.2 drive disables one SATA port, and using two M.2 drives disables 4 SATA ports, and I've only got 8 of them, and 6 of the ports are in use. I don't know if this is true, but attempting to get a M.2 drive with tons of space is rather expensive I'm sure. And that M.2 slot is the only available slot I have. Sure, I can use a external drive, and I do have one, but... it's only got 120GB's of storage. Been thinking about getting a 3TB 2.5" drive to fit into it, but I am not too sure about it. The main problem of all this lies in the available cases there are out there on the market. Trying to find a case that has two 140MM fan slots on the front, two 5.25" optical drive bay slots, at least three 3.5" drive bays, at least two 2.5" drive bays, and a fan on the bottom of the case isn't easy. Besides, kinda want a side window too. ^^;
  14. Thoughts about using 7 drives?

    So I have been wondering for a while when it comes to storage. Since I use my computer for different things, I've set my computer up to have 7 drives connected at all times. I try to not interfere another drive when it's in use, so I can then use another drive without worry. Some may have chosen to set up a RAID config, some might not. So this is the way I've done it, and here at my drives, and how I use them: Drive C: OS, drivers, frequently used software (Samsung 960 EVO - 250GB M.2) Drive D: CD/DVD burning/reading, driver install (Asus DRW-24D3ST - SATA) Drive E: Not-so-heavy/needy games (Western Digital WD20EARS - 2TB SATA HDD) Drive F: Heavy/needy games like GTA V (Samsung 850 EVO - 500GB SATA SSD) Drive G: Media like music, images, videos (Toshiba HDWD110 - 1TB SATA HDD) Drive H: Less often used software, assets (Kingston V300 SSDnow - 240GB SATA SSD) Drive I: Downloads, backup, video editing files (Seagate ST1000DM003 - 1TB SATA HDD) Just to make a few things clear: Nvidia's game capture software 'GeForce Shadowplay' is set to save recordings to drive F, the media drive. To avoid frame stutters and alike, GeForce Shadowplay needs it's own drive. And I've tried to record to a SSD, but didn't help much. Once in a while, I download many files at once, so I thought using a drive almost just for that would be a good idea, as downloading several things at once fragments the drive. When I got the files downloaded, I store them on another drive, then defrag the download drive, delete the downloaded files from that drive, and I'm good to go as far as I know. I also store backups and video editing files there, so keeping it tidy is nice. By the way, ignore drive X in the picture there. It's a USB thumb drive that doesn't sit in the computer all the time. Only drive C, D, E, F, G, H, and I is in the computer the whole time. Back to the point I wanted. What do you guys think of this setup? Is it too much, too messy, or is it okay in how I've set everything up?
  15. Linus Tech Tips memes

    Thank you~