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  1. Blackyk

    Show off your old and retro computer parts

    What we have here is a cheap-o amp from Wal-mart to test my proof of concept of a car stereo hooked up to my computer. The PSU is about an 8 year old never used Thermaltake 400 watt PSU with a single 12V rail. The subs are a set of pre-boxed Boston G2 10" "about" 220 watts @2ohms. Unconfirmed as I did not rip them out of the box to confirm their wattage or their wiring config. My multi-meter said the whole boxed setup was 2 ohms so I said YOLO and hooked it all up. The orange wire from the amp to the subs are indeed house-grade 12-gauge wire with the unwrapped/exposed middle wire cut back. There are 3 yellow and 3 black wires from the PSU to the amp and they do not get hot after an hour of pounding. Over all I'm real happy with the results. Looking to put this somewhere in my life besides my home computer that I can use it regularly for a little extra bump, and would like to move to a single 12" with a 500 watt amp and a EVGA 750 watt PSU. Currently looking at a Rockford Fosgate 12" DVC 400RMS, and JBL 500 watt amp. But that's just a metric for price point and power. Not fussy about brands. Not looking to win any contests, just want my house to shake when I throw grenades lol is that too much to ask??
  2. Blackyk

    First watercooling need help

    Start with the AlphaCool Y-splitter and put an in-line 1/4 turn ball valve with a bit of soft tubing to direct the drainage into a container.
  3. Blackyk

    fix this too?

    Are you allowed to use those logos? It might get ugly if you monetize your channel while using their logo/trademarks.
  4. Blackyk

    Hobbies/Things You Like

    My wife and I are pretty serious about fitness, and my wife is even more than I am. She's a 120lb powerlifter with a deadlifting record in the 114lb weight class. We also do Spartan Racing (check my pic) and looking to get into the endurance side of the Tough Mudders. To be fair, mostly her but I'll play along because I hate cardio lol. My kids love doing OCR stuff as well, and have done a bunch of the Kids' Races at our OCR venues. I play a few videogames, mostly Warcraft. I only have a GTX 960 so playing maxed out is tough. I only have GTA5, GT6, and Assassin's Creed: Black Flag on my PS3 (which sports a 500G 850 EVO SSD ). I also do 99% of the vehicle maintenance on our cars, thanks to a car buddy who has a lift a couple miles away for more serious stuff (I just replace all my gas lines on my Cobalt). I've also done a few track days with my Cobalt as well: New Hampshire Motor Speedway x2, and Lime Rock Park once. I'd like to get out to Watkin's Glen and literally right up the road from me (compared to 99.999% of you) is Club Motorsports which is a F1-style track with 15 turns over 2.5 miles. But that's big big bucks unless I went on a car club-sponsored track day.
  5. Blackyk

    Am I missing something? (Flat Earthers)

    It blows my mind that people think the Earth is flat, even after seeing the LIVE feed from the Tesla Roadster and all the cameras on the Falcon Heavy boosters, etc. But also even when you're on a cruise ship, and even more so when you're flying, you can clearly see the curve across the ocean. I've stood on top of Mount Washington and on a crystal clear day, you can make out a couple rooftops in Boston, but strangely enough, you can't see the Alps/mainland Europe. Then there is a "secret" test track in Germany that VW owns where the straightaway is so long, you can't see the other side, due to the curvature of the Earth. And this is for our friends down under in STRAYA, isn't the moon "upside down" for you guys? I just don't get their logic.
  6. It sure is tough when you have 2 money-pit hobbies lol.
  7. Blackyk

    I bought a SSD...

    Right click the drive, click Format, ???, profit.
  8. Blackyk

    why are Pool tables SO EXPENSIVE WTF?>?

    A desk isn't planed down to precise tolerances, and is merely made "flat". You get want you pay for. If you buy a cheap pool table, after a few months or years of play, you will notice high and low spots in the felt, and that's where the lack of quality comes in.
  9. Blackyk

    why are Pool tables SO EXPENSIVE WTF?>?

    Lots of craftsmanship goes into a quality table. Not even factoring in the aesthetic grooving and designs that are a commonplace in mid to high end tables, there are still elements of the design that have to be perfect. I'm not sure what the material is under the felt whether it's a single piece of wood or slate, but that has to be perfectly planed down flat, free of rises and dips. So just making a table to satisfy those tolerances will make it expensive. You could get plywood, some 2x4's, some bumpers, and green felt and make one yourself and see how much effort goes into a quality table.
  10. Blackyk

    PC in freezer ?

    A solid way to waste money every month on electricity. Because food does not generate heat, the fridge can stay cool for a long time while only running for a few hours a day. With the computer on, it generates heat that has to be pumped out and actively cooled, so the fridge will be running a LOT instead of the compressor being in an idle/off state.
  11. Blackyk

    CPU jumped OVER 10 degrees on IDLE

    Reapply thermal paste as well. I just redid the CPU/GPU cooler on my PS3 because the fan would sound like it's taking off. Now it's back to being silent 100% of the time.
  12. Blackyk

    Falcon Heavy Test Flight

    I did too! It was soooo cool watching the boosters land up-right side by side!
  13. Blackyk

    I Want to be a network Engineer. Teach Me

    I took a networking class for my masters degree in IT. It was tough, mostly because of the logic used in networking that I couldn't exactly wrap my head around it. Cisco has "classes" that have a simulator and workbooks for you to use. You can buy the classes and go through them at your own pace. But be ready because after a few of the short intro classes, the nitty-gritty stuff within networking can get pretty muddy.
  14. Blackyk

    I bought a SSD...

    Think of it like this: Put the software you use the most on the SSD. Since you use Windows 100% of the time, it only makes sense to do a fresh install on the SSD, then like ASUS Killer said, follow those steps to clean up the old HD and you've got a media/image storage drive.
  15. Blackyk

    Which SSD should i buy for gaming?

    The 850 EVO will last a LONG LONG time I've had one in my PS3, 2 in my PC, and 1 in my wife's PC for 3-4 years and they've never even been reformatted or reimaged. Their longevity is something I would never even worry about.