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  1. Python's one of the easiest languages to learn imho, and if you've coded before it'll be a breeze. The only hard bit is understanding how the framework works and how crawling works. Scrapy does have built in autothrottle which is great, but even without autothrottle sending hundreds of requests a second will still take a long time. You could also implement a cycling user agent along with your proxies if you want to go full speed, but that's pretty unethical. Regarding the actual logic, you probably wouldn't tailor your algorithm to each specific site if you don't care too much about how clean your data is. Just visit, search for keyword, dump, crawl, repeat. You'll probably want to dump contents of <p> tags or whatever else you're wanting to extract.
  2. I have some experience writing web spiders/scrapers in python to crawl websites and scrape. What you're asking for is actually pretty easy to implement. The only issue though is you want to crawl the entire web. Do you realize how big the web is? Even the most popular places have millions of pages, that's millions of requests. If you go balls to the wall at full speed , expect to be blocked instantly. The big boys don't like bots. That being said, if you're still up for the challenge then a nice frameworks for thing kind of thing is scrapy. Here's some links to get you started: - Python - Scrapy - A Proxy Middleware
  3. This happened to me. My steam library was telling me my games weren't installed. You have to re-install your games on your HDD. Delete your old steam library and create a new one in the exact same place or wherever. If it's not steam and the shortcuts just aren't working. Recreate your shortcuts.
  4. codesidian

    I see a red line in the middle of the display

    It could be software caused. To rule it out try and re-create the issue in safe mode. The only way to fix the issue is to find out the cause. Try safe mode first, and if it still happens try another monitor so on and so forth.
  5. codesidian

    I see a red line in the middle of the display

    Have you tried booting into safe mode and seeing if the problem persists?
  6. Have you tried contacting Dell and seeing if you could purchase the obscure piece?
  7. Upgradability is fantastic for that price.
  8. codesidian

    Raspberry pi 3 mining

    @bob345 hit the nail on the head here. Mining with old or low power hardware is dead. It most definitely will be an interesting project if you can get it off the ground. I think your best bet would be to create a beowulf cluster out of pis and see how many hashes you can get.
  9. codesidian

    Yeah, im just another newb.

    Which Halo is your favourite?
  10. codesidian

    Explain Your Username

    I had to create a new more "professional" online presence. I started using the internet before I understood that the internet is forever and doing something as simple as googling a username can provide some interesting history. My current username is a mixture of code and obsidian. I think it sounds cool.
  11. codesidian

    Why do bar soaps still exist?

    I have yet to find a liquid soap that gives the same cleansed feel as a good old bar of soap. Plus, bar soaps can be used all over your body. I've never known a person to put liquid hand soap all over their body.
  12. Having owned a few gaming laptops the 15-hour battery life claims worry me. The drive space should be sufficient if you're not planning on having your whole game library stores on your laptop. Apart from that looks good!
  13. codesidian

    Which laptop for £2000?

    There are a few ultrabooks you can take a peek at. The ZenBook is supposed to be a great machine too, but I've never had any hands-on experience with it.
  14. codesidian

    Which laptop for £2000?

    I spent £1300 on my Alienware 15 r3. It has i7 6700, 16GB RAM, 1070, 1TB HDD. I added a 512gb m.2 SSD for £120. I use mine mostly for programming, and gaming in my free time. Before this, i had an MSI gs60 ghost pro. The first thing to consider is battery life. Gaming laptops have a terrible battery life. My Alienware can just push 2 1/2 hours on a low workload (browsing web, writing code and such) the MSI I had previously would do 3-4, IIRC. My Alienware is heavy and a strange size. I had to buy a bag specifically for it. Due to the fact that you're going to be studying, and for such a huge budget why not sacrifice ultra gaming for portability and battery life. The Dell XPS 15 is an amazing laptop and you can still game. It's super portable to take your classes and will last you all day. I guess it'll depend on how much of a priority gaming is to you.
  15. codesidian

    Will google report me to the police if I google this

    Not at all. If you want to google it and you're scared, use anonymisation tools and techniques. I have no vpn and i'm logged in to google. I'll update you on the situation of my freedom.