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  1. Not so much a website to learn from but a really useful way to get valuable constructive criticism; Code review stack exchange. Another way to learn would be to pick up simple projects that "do something". I always found that creating things i enjoy or solving problems that i have keep me motivated to learn. Once you feel very comfortable writing simple scripts, gradually increase the scope and techniques involved. A quick search for simple python projects brought up this site. Which looks pretty good. You get a wide range of exposure. Most importantly, have fun and don't take the
  2. You copied the code from the internet without care for indentation. You really should learn more about the tools you're using. Having a look through the code you've posted you'll probably be better off with a helper function or class for file handling. However, that might be overkill so the simplest solution would be something like: def Synchronize(apps, locations): if os.path.getsize("app locations.pkl") > 0: fh = open("app locations.pkl", "rb") apps = pickle.load(fh) locations = pickle.load(fh) return (apps, locations) else:
  3. That's too ambiguous. When do you stop asking for more values? I'm assuming when a 0 is entered? Or does it literally mean when (1, 2, 3, 0) is entered?
  4. Core temp has addons that lets you remotely view cpu temps. HWiNFO also supports remote monitoring on the same network. Real Temp lets you set alarm for when a specific temp has been reached. A long with alerting you with a sound on the machine, you can select a program to run on the alarm. I've just tested it with a python script, and it worked. Here's the script: import smtplib from email.mime.multipart import MIMEMultipart from email.mime.text import MIMEText sender = "YOUR EMAIL" password = "YOUR PASS" #Whatever the SMTP server is for your email, this is outlook's em
  5. You're calculating cost as: 1 + 5 + (0*5) = 6. Also, how have you defined your numericUpDown? What are your initial, minimum, maximum values?
  6. cost = fabCost + sizeCost + totalCost; Fabcost for cotton is 1, sizeCost for small is 5, and totalCost is 0. That's 6 even thought he quantity is 0, right? Maybe this is supposed to be a multiplication rather than addition since the costs should be for each item? However, with that being said I have no idea how quantity increasing by 1 changes the total to 12. Since: fabcost will be 1 again, sizeCost = 5, and totalCost = 5 (since totalCost = sizeCost * quanty). That would end up being 11, not 12. Unless you're adding totalCost1 to it somewhere, which I don't see.
  7. I just want to put a solution here since the link was a little confusing as it's using Python 2 and sorry if this is late. Firstly, if your selectedFormat var is global you don't need to be passing it as a param. I'm actually surprised it didn't crash since it doesn't look like it's being passed at all. Secondly, I'm firm believer of avoiding globals as much as possible since it's hard to keep track. However, an easy solution without avoiding globals would be to do this: ... def GUI(): def submit(): global fileName global selectedFormat fileName = name.value ...
  8. Yes, no, eh maybe. Gaming at 4K may not be worth the cost on a laptop. I have an alienware 15 r3 with a 1070 which I game at 1080. I actually tested conan exiles last night from 1080 to 4k and I just couldn't see a difference on ultra settings with such a small screen. 144hz is fine Pushing 4K at decent frame rates takes serious firepower which means serious prices. Good price High frame rates 4K Pick 2
  9. Just in case you're not aware, google play music allows you to upload all your own audio files for free and stream them anywhere. I used to use it before moving to spotify.
  10. The ideas discussed are great, but https://gleam.io/ is probably the best bet since you have zero website development knowledge. https://givelab.com/ is a free alternative which can be embed into your own website. If you want to do it yourself, like what's been said: IP, a cheeky cookie, email activation, and maybe something more personal like address depending how you're giving it away. That way if someone was going to cheat they'd need multiple addresses, IPs etc. When you submit an entry, check for entries with the aforementioned data. It's not secure by any means but it'll th
  11. Not sure why you're needing py2exe to achieve this. I actually have a sample program lying around I wrote myself for key-presses: import win32api, win32con, time from pynput import keyboard def on_release(key): if key == keyboard.Key.esc: # Kill listener return False if key == 'your key': #open file return True with keyboard.Listener( on_release=on_release) as listener: listener.join() Just install the dependencies and you'll be good to go.
  12. for tweet_info in twt: if tweet_info != last_screen_name: user_d.write(last_screen_name) user_d.close() user_d = open('users_database.log','r') for user_sort in user_d: blah if user_sort != last_screen_name: blah user_d.close() user_d = open('users_database.log','w') last_screen_name = tweet_info.user.screen_name What are the elements of 'twt' and 'user_d'? By the sounds of it you're either checking if the last username is equal to an element that doesn't even contain the current username or setting '
  13. Python's one of the easiest languages to learn imho, and if you've coded before it'll be a breeze. The only hard bit is understanding how the framework works and how crawling works. Scrapy does have built in autothrottle which is great, but even without autothrottle sending hundreds of requests a second will still take a long time. You could also implement a cycling user agent along with your proxies if you want to go full speed, but that's pretty unethical. Regarding the actual logic, you probably wouldn't tailor your algorithm to each specific site if you don't care too much abo
  14. I have some experience writing web spiders/scrapers in python to crawl websites and scrape. What you're asking for is actually pretty easy to implement. The only issue though is you want to crawl the entire web. Do you realize how big the web is? Even the most popular places have millions of pages, that's millions of requests. If you go balls to the wall at full speed , expect to be blocked instantly. The big boys don't like bots. That being said, if you're still up for the challenge then a nice frameworks for thing kind of thing is scrapy. Here's some links to get you started:
  15. This happened to me. My steam library was telling me my games weren't installed. You have to re-install your games on your HDD. Delete your old steam library and create a new one in the exact same place or wherever. If it's not steam and the shortcuts just aren't working. Recreate your shortcuts.