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  1. Have you checked your thermals? Updated drivers, etc.?
  2. Newegg is pretty reputable, I wouldn't worry if you are ordering directly from their site. Even if something did go wrong, they have a good return program.
  3. When I set up Ubunto awhile back and tried to use Youtube on Firefox, I just remember having to install something further than what is installed by default.
  4. That's fair, for some reason I was thinking it was a Ryzen 7. I misread.
  5. You're probably just missing some software, are there any troubleshooting pop-ups when you see the message?
  6. You could try clocking down the RAM as well, to see if it would be a more stable boot at a lower MHz.
  7. If there are 3 or 4 pins in those connectors, they are likely just for fans. Maybe even for liquid cooling support via a fan and pump connector.
  8. If they are streaming, they could always just put the load onto the CPU. That way the performance of a game fully using the GPU wouldn't be challenged.
  9. I have used a Phanteks Eclipse P300 case for awhile and for the price, the quality, airflow, and cable management is exceptionally high. I've also built a PC using one of the Corsair Carbide cases, internally it is very similar to the Phanteks Eclipse P300.
  10. If you are willing to do some disassembly, opening the internals and disconnecting the default display attached to the laptop should make the secondary screen turn into the default since there would no longer be two displays to choose from. It's a little trick I used wayyyyy back on an old 2012 Toshiba laptop. If you do attempt this, make sure there is no power going through the laptop when disassembling(battery disconnected, etc.).
  11. Overclocking panels can give you really strange visual effects. It's sorta a caveat to utilizing a "high refresh" monitor.
  12. You need to have a completed system to install Windows
  13. I'm pretty sure Xcode recommends around 20gb
  14. So, I am making the switch from Windows to macOS. I have some experience with using VS Code in a windows environment but because I am making the switch, I was curious if using the native Xcode would maybe result in better performance. Anyone have any opinions of one over the other? I know that choosing an editor/IDE to work with depends on the individual's requirements but I would like to consider the idea of just overall use in general settings.
  15. Could just come down to a difference in hardware and optimization
  16. A lot of the time, motherboards don't have any issue supporting most GPU's. So long as the power supply can support the needed power. You may want to make sure that you have the necessary connectors in terms of VGA connectors. The CPU will definitely throttle your performance but that's not to say that you will necessarily have bad performance. Games that run on primarily a GPU would probably do fine, while games that allocate more of the load to the CPU might feel a little challenging. edit: That power supply should do just fine.
  17. I would definitely avoid vacuuming any part of your pc. Static can be damaging.
  18. Worst case, you could do that as well ask check the task manager assuming that he has Windows installed. To try and identify where the resources are actually being used.
  19. Has the issue just recently popped up or has it been happening since the PC was bought/built? Is the PC adequately cooled and what wattage PSU?
  20. I believe the battery in the OnePlus 7 pro is a larger mAH, but that's not to say software won't let apples have power longer. The Xiaomi Mi 9 is also a really great phone for the money.
  21. Xiaomi makes pretty decent wireless headphone, plus they are under the $100 price tag
  22. Are you looking for in ear or over ear headphones?