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  1. I mean you could probably run Black ops at 30 fps, 720p, and low settings with that hardware
  2. Have you messed with your BIOS settings at all? Anything to do with you RAM or CPU settings? If you have, you could also try resetting your BIOS back to factory settings just to see if that may fix something that was set off balance. Though a noob question, is all of the hardware seated properly?
  3. What is the monitor model? Brand, etc.? Edit: I know seemingly simple, have you tried just unplugging it and plugging it back in to see if it would stop? I feel like I've had monitors kinda act clunky but then after just unplugging them they go back to normal in some cases.
  4. There is probably a setting you can change on the monitor itself.
  5. You might need a larger PSU(wattage wise) for a little breathing your for your GPU and CPU, you'd probably be running the PSU at max load a lot while playing games. Edit: If you're tight on cash(I doubt it because of the 3080), you could swap your case for a cheaper one, to better spend money on the parts and components themselves. Also 3080's are hella difficult to come by. I only got a 3080 ti because I was lucky to get selected for the Newegg raffle haha.
  6. That UI interface actually looks super sleek. The Intel Celeron that I ordered is a dual-core with 4 threads, but being that mine will be using DDR4, it'll probably compare to that build ngl. Assuming I can configure it properly. I'm assuming that there are guides on using Unraid, I'm not familiar with that though. Is that image the main face of the software/OS? Or is that just a window you can open?
  7. I see on the VM part now, I can see how that would make things way easier. I was definitely mixing up bytes and bits but alright!
  8. As far as servers that will be hosted. Most likely just a few minecraft servers for my friends and I. I say a few because of vanilla and modded. So nothing too out of this world. I haven't experienced any issues with needing IP protection, I was just curious if it is a precaution I should take just to be on top of things in general. I can look into running a hypervisor like proxmox while running a VM. Would running a VM be necessary if it is at such a small scale? Or is just for the separation between PC resources and vulnerability? And fair enough on wattag
  9. Recently I decided to build a budget PC to host a server at home for games I have been playing, as I usually end up paying a host to host a server for my friends and I. I went with lower end parts but stayed in the more consumer market as I'm not trying to dilly dally with an actual server rack. SO, here is my plan. I went with current generation parts for Intel, an example being a ASRock B560M micro ATX moba that has an LGA 1200 socket for instance. I paired it will an Intel Celeron CPU that is clocked @ 3.5GHz, 8GB of Patriot Viper 4 DDR4 RAM(running in dual chan
  10. With the G15 you are probably gonna lose out on performance unless you manually turn it to 1080p, it has a 1440p display which maybe sounds good but with a 3060 it isn't very realistic Edit: Even with my i9-10900k, 3080 ti, and 128gb of 3200mhz ram I have trouble playing on the highest settings a game can offer at 1440p with consistently good frames
  11. GPU's are basically rare art pieces now ngl, being the whole market is wack XD
  12. If you have a soldering iron, you could try gettng some desoldering wick to suck up all the loose metal. If so, I would go into it thinking that the GPU is already lost. Buy a cheap $30 soldering iron and see what happens. But whatever caused that initially if not fixed will likely just happen again even if you replace that broken part.
  13. Does the GPU need secondary power outside of being in a PCI slot? Make sure those connectors are plugged in properly if so, on both the GPU side and the PSU side(if your PSU is modular). Does the PC have integrated graphics? That would be a simple way of checking if it is a GPU problem or a OS problem. Remove the GPU and try to boot off of the display connection port directly on the motherboard. If you know already that it isn't the GPU, you may need to do a windows reinstall. If you need to recover any files, you can make bootable linux drive just to save some files yo
  14. The Corn brand has been around for awhile now, I think they got popular on the Wish app first and other apps housed outside of the U.S. like banggood and alibaba. They kinda just seem like a low quality version of part but that's not to say they don't actually work out
  15. What are you trying to do with the mic? ASMR, music, just playing games with friends? it matters
  16. Paying a host definitely seems like a better option then, especially considering the value per dollar ratio.
  17. Running a Minecraft server is the only low-key server I could think of at a really small scale XD That would make sense though, I can definitely see that.
  18. So, to start off I could think of one difference at least in reliability. Say if your ISP was to have drops in service and speed, that would be a factor you can’t control. I can also see the difference in say if you were to have raid setup so that a machine could fail responsibly, whereas a DIY machine likely wouldn’t unless you had the know how. Then onto power consumption of whether or not you are running actual server hardware or just consumer grade and their power consumption differences. Beyond the actual differences in hardware, what are the differences in so
  19. The little board is on sale on Newegg but "looks" liked a buffed version of a Raspberry Pi just with the Raspberry Pi appearing to have better specs on paper. Anyone ever use one? If so, am I missing a use case scenario or is this just an expensive Raspberry Pi?(Very new to this subject)
  20. There is huge shortage in more than just the GPU market, superconductors I'm pretty sure are in a huge shortage(that screws up the entire electronics industry). But outside of GPU sales, I think there is a small PSU shortage going on, and I read somewhere that there is a newer crypto currency utilizing storage devices so be prepared for that XD
  21. Is the sata cable plugged in for the fan controller?
  22. With my 2070 I had a stable overclock to my i9 10900K @ 4.9Ghz but with the 3080 Ti I've experienced more PC crashes than with any other PC I've used or built. I reset most of the settings for my i9 in my BIOS settings and the crashing has ceased. I'm think that I just had a really unstable overclock for whatever reason. I can look more into that at another date. The GPU is using 2 separate cables coming directly from the GPU, one cable with both connectors in use and the second cable with only one connector in use. The GPU requires a 12pin connection in total. Rig