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  1. Just play in fullscreen rather than borderless fullscreen or windowed fullscreen
  2. I believe even google has an integrated internet speed test edit: Do you have anything else on your PC eating up networks resources? Say like YouTube running for instance
  3. Discord has a viewing screen option, but if you wanted full control, teamviewer is a goodie.
  4. What game do you play that is even 10gb?
  5. Does your FPS drop or does it just load slowly? Have you checked your task manager to see if perhaps your resources are being used else where? Have you tested other games or just those two? What is your CPU and GPU?
  6. I would just find a CPU that is the same socket type as the A8 6600k(FM2 socket) and find a higher tier used CPU that you can buy for cheap. What country are you buying from?
  7. PSU's are definitely not supposed to click like that
  8. Could open up task manager to see what is eating up your resources
  9. I just checked 580's on Newegg and they are priced above $500
  10. I'd just take the performance hit with a lower end card for now, the GPU market is outta this world rn. If I were you I would wait for a lower priced market to buy a card that is worth your money and not unrealistically valued.
  11. Is your CPU clocked higher than just a stock GHz? If so, try to let it run at a stock speed. You could definitely be trying to pull too much power, then it only being noticeable when your CPU kicks into high gear. i9 chips are well known to be power hogs. Correct me if I'm wrong but don't i9's have a dedicated GPU? You could try taking out your GPU and running a game based solely on the dedicated intel GPU(You would need to uninstall your GPU drivers and install the Intel GPU drivers to test this) just to see if the game will run without restarting your
  12. How are your thermals? Are your drivers for your PC and GPU up to date completely? Edit: Worse comes to worse, you could always open your task manager and see what all is running and using up resources. Assuming you didn't buy any second hand parts, the PC should probably be fine hardware wise. Seasonic is known for making some of the best PSU's.
  13. Which country is your purchase taking place?
  14. Definitely odd. Are you running in v-sync? Does this happen in general or only when playing games or that game specifically?
  15. If you bought a soldering iron it could be hot swappable. Chances are that keyboard is most definitely not natively hot swappable though unfortunately. Edit: A good way to tell is simple by trying to take out a key switch, not forcefully of course but if the key switch itself comes out then now you know its hot swappable and vice versa.
  16. Would an iPad Pro ever be considered? They are blazing fast imo, plus they come natively with a touch screen, and now offer support for a keyboard and mouse.
  17. Anti-virus on it's own can really bog down your system in my opinion. You could try checking your auto startup programs to see if something is running in the background and stealing resources. Checking task manager is my go-to when I feel my system stuttering. CCleaner is also a great tool.
  18. I'd grab a fresh storage drive and a new PSU for better power efficiency if using it was a thought.
  19. It works for SSD's and HDD's. It's basically like a tune-up software. Clears browser data, fixes registry errors, etc.
  20. You could try a program called CCleaner as well, I've used it for years.
  21. The documentation for the drive is copyrighted in 2008 on Seagate's website, so pretty old. Not sure what part in particular causes it to heat up, no real reason to know though as you aren't suppose to perform maintenance on HDD's.
  22. Is the location the PC is in a higher temperature?
  23. Extreme and unusual overheating can be a sign of a drive nearing it's end of life span