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  1. Help needed

  2. Help needed

    Thats it im doing a complete reformat hopefully that will help, now i need help regarding instaliing of the os only onto the ssd and not the hdd
  3. Help needed

    I need aid, my pc went nuts as it has a long start up, loading when login takes ages, this all dtarted when i went to c drive users and set folders to hidden than unhidden which somehow made my firefox inaccessible.
  4. C++, C# newb question

    Whoa thanks for the fast reply, now i see how to properly debug. Was confused at first
  5. I am having an issue where my memory when checking in the task manager displays 90%-100% usage, and i doubt its firefox, i closed all my programs etc and still experience this. Apparently when run overtime without any memory heavy programs turned on, for some reason most of my 16gb ram memory goes to Non-Paged pool under the performance tab of my task manager, I have checked the regedit and it displays 0 hence it should by right be optimizing itself. To be honest what exactly is this non-paged pool used for? Whenever it takes 10gb ++ my other programs will start slowing down as well.
  6. C++, C# newb question

    I know this is a totally newby question, but how do you actually debug. Is there like a line of code that you need to type out to debug or is it just base off the debug console where it shows the error messages and what not. Sometimes i even experienced errors when there is no errors to be found, i don't actually get it at all.
  7. Different Core Clock speed?

    So getting a lower one is more safer then a higher one?
  8. Different Core Clock speed?

    So getting a lower one is more safer then a higher one?
  9. I was wondering why the Graphic Card even though they are the same type but different brand has different types of core clock speed why is it like that?
  10. Friend wants a Good Pc

    Medium quality at most I don't think so
  11. Ok I understand that the memory goes into the memory slots and that the pci-e 3.0x16 can be used by that graphic card.
  12. Friend wants a Good Pc

    That is really tough >.< So what is the price for a good computer that can maintain a good fps for current gen without needing a good quality for gameplay?
  13. Oh sorry about not quoting >.< That means that the motherboard doesn't have any pci-e slot so I either need to change the motherboard or the graphic card right?
  14. Friend wants a Good Pc

    Ok the currency is in SGD